Dating in China

So, I have been in China for about three weeks and like any twenty one year old girl, I want to date. I think it is a pretty natural desire to want to meet new people and date when you’re alone in a new place. I have pretty much been dating exclusively online, which might be a reason why I have been coming across the issues that I have encountered. But here we go, my first impressions of dating in China.

  1. You are going to get a lot of attention

As a foreigner, you are going to look and sound different to the local women and this in turn is going to make you interesting to the locals. But, I would urge you to not be fooled into thinking you have the choice of all these men to be your boyfriend. The vast majority are merely interested in talking and doing the nasty with a foreigner.

2. They might think you’re a ho

I think I can blame Hollywood for this one. A lot of Chinese boys have watched American movies where the girls are promiscuous and they have the perception that all foreign girls are ready to hop into bed with them straight away and while there is nothing wrong with that and it might be true for some women, having men message you about your sex life right off the bat can get a little annoying.

3. You might become an English teacher without knowing

Now I moved to China to be an English teacher, but to children, as a job, not for boys who want to exploit me. I have no problems with helping boys with their english, if they want to help me with my Chinese. But when a date feels more like a lesson than a date, you’ve got a problem. Because chances are that they want to use you for your knowledge, rather than getting to know you. Now this is not the case for all boys and some of them are definitely wanting to learn to better communicate with you. But definetely be careful.

4. They like to chat a lot

Chinese boys love texting. They will text you all day every day and if you are into them, you should probably reply in a pretty timely manner, even if it is a simple sticker. Communication is pretty big here in China and if a boy gets the sense that you don’t want to talk to him, he will be reluctant to date you.

5. They can get attached fast

This is something I have learnt not only through my own experience, but also through talking to other foreign teachers. Chinese people like to stick the label of “boyfriend - girlfriend” on a relationship really quickly and when I say really quickly, I mean a week in. They will move a toothbrush into your place and tell all their friends. So you need to be very firm if you want to take things slower, else you might end up seriously hurting them.

6. Dating here has pros and cons, just like anywhere

Although I have focused on the frustrating parts of dating here in China, I have found that the boys are super sweet and they will do almost anything to make you feel appreciated. I have never had so much food bought for me by boys. I think, just like with everything in China, it will take time to get used to and navigate. So please stay on this journey with me and keep up with my updates about all aspects of China.

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  1. Sounds like some great dating advice. I think some of it can apply to dating in any foreign country or most Asian countries for a foreigner :)

  2. What an interesting read! I had never thought about trying to date in a foreign country. I wish you the best of luck.

  3. It’s interesting to read that there can be dating experiences that could be specific to a particular country.

    Fab post!