Have I Hit My Goals?

Back in the beginning of this year, I posted a blog post titled “Why I Only Have 3 Goals for 2019”. It was met quite well by you guys, but I didn’t really think about it much after that.

In that blog post, I vowed I would only hold myself to three goals for this entire year. They were:

1. Get a job I love

2. Progress with the podcast
3. Move into a flat with my friend

They were pretty simple and I was pretty sure that I would be able to achieve them all. So… did i?

Let’s start at number 1: the job. This one is complicated. When I wrote it, I imagined I would be working in a trendy little start up in Shoreditch, writing copy about smoothies or minimalist furniture. Would this have made me happy? Yes, probably. But life sometimes deals you an uno card when you’re playing blackjack. My uno card was the crappy creative job market in London. So, when I realised that maybe I wasn’t so good at blackjack, I decided to look into playing uno (is this pun overused? Sorry)

China was my uno card. I had never been that girl, the one who drops everything and moves to the other end of the earth. But, when I looked in the mirror or saw my reflection in the window of the jubilee line, I thought that maybe I was becoming that girl.

I decided to go for it, if I didn’t love it, then I could come back to my blackjack game in a year’s time. But, all I can say is that I definitely hit goal No1, even if it meant switching out my cards.

Goal number 2 hurts my heart a little. Because I had to move away from London, the podcast was put on hiatus. I have never missed a project like I miss the Dipped In Honey podcast. But, I know that I will work with Debbie again, whether that is on the podcast or something else.

But, where creativity stands, I have definitely made a better go at my blog this time and my consistency of posting, and I have also started making youtube videos! On top of this, I have been more active on my fanfiction account and your guys’ responses to my books warms my heart like no other. So although logistically, the podcast could not progress, I have been more consistent in my creativity. So I guess I will give myself a half hit.

Now, goal three I nailed, I mean I hit it out of the park, the ball is gone, don’t go looking for it. I thought that alongside my little trendy job in Shoreditch, I was going to move in with my friend in Camden. It really was a little romanticised life I had created for myself. I had never imagined that I would have a whole flat to myself, not sharing a bathroom or kitchen with anyone. But here I am, living with a dining room table and sofa all to myself. I can decorate how I want, and it is a space that is totally mine. It is better for my friend that we didn’t live together in the end, as she is living with another friend now and our friendship has not faltered, like it might have if we lived together.

I really can’t wait to share with you my decorated flat when I have it all finished.

But, that means that I have achieved two and a half of my three goals and on top of that, I have graduated from Uni, travelled Japan, created a savings plan and lost a bit of weight. It seems that when I set less goals for myself, I actually ended up achieving more.

I think what I learnt most from this experience is that you should never box yourself into one idea of what your life should look like. Although I achieved my goals, it was in a context that I could have never imagined. I thought I would still be in London, not China. But, if I hadn’t let myself be flexible in that way then I would have failed my goals. So what I’m saying is be ready for any card game when you sit at the table (okay I really will stop with that pun now)

I want to quickly let you know what my goals moving forward are going to be. But I’m going to go more into detail on these ones in a future post.

1. Learn and speak Mandarin
2. Save money

3. Finish my novel

Let me know what goals you set for yourself for 2019 and if you hit them or not!

Until next time,
Stay peachy
Paige xx

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