Mid-Year Reset

Okay, so I know that my blog has become an old western movie, with only a tumbleweed for furniture, but I have a good excuse.

After hundreds of hours of work, I have finished my degree!

So, with all that being said, I want to apologise for being gone and gather all of my thoughts into one mega text-vomit post.

I have been a little obsessed with Aussie youtuber Muchelle B. She is a kind of Marie Kondoed goddess that I will never be. But her videos on “resetting your life” are super inspiring to me. So, today, I am going to clean out my mental space and do a mid-year reset.

First of all, the things I regret are not posting blog posts and not being consistent with my fanfiction. These are things that make me truly happy, but I have felt super inadequate and uncreative where my personal creative work has been concerned.

But I say “fuck that” I know that not every blog post will be a thrill ride and not every chapter will be life changing, but the creation itself is more important than the product right now.
On a lighter note, I am in the process of decluttering my wardrobe and adapting my style. As a big girl, it has been hard to achieve the looks that I have been aiming for. But I am getting there slowly but surely.

I think, as I have been studying, I lost my intentions for this blog. I want it to be a space for people to come and laugh a little and know that they can wear what they want, express themselves how they want, and even if the whole world looks at them like they’re mental, that I am there to support them. Because I’ve been there, in those situations when you feel like an alien, and I want to help people get through them to reach full self acceptance.

So, that is my intention for this blog. I will be posting content meant to encourage and lift my readers, to make them chuckle and feel inspired.

And even if every post isn’t the best. I will still post, because the consistency is super important to me right now.

There are also so many projects that I am involved in that you can check out.

The Dipped in Honey Podcast

My Fanfiction

My Instagram

I am going to be back on the ball. But I want to hear from you guys what you wanna hear from me, so I can make sure that I am giving you the best content I can.

Until next time, take care of yourself,
Paige x

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