Why I Only Have 3 Goals for 2019

So, 2019 is here and everyone is promising themselves to get in shape, drink less, work harder and I’ve done all of that before, made a commitment to sweaty yoga, gloopy smoothies and a way of life that only lasted 2 weeks.

This year, I decided to break away from the cycle and only set 3 goals. Forget the “19 goals I have for 2019” I have 3, that’s it.

Do I have other aspirations for this year? Yeah, of course. But, my essential goals are going to be meaningful and obtainable. Because let’s face it, I will never get into yoga.

So this year I am going to:

1. Get a job I love

2. Progress with the podcast

3. Move into a flat with my friend

These are 3 goals that are essential. I need a flat to sleep in, then a job to pay for the flat and the podcast is my creative goal of the year.

I feel so uplifted without the pressure I put on myself every year. I have actually found myself doing the things that I have been promising and failing at before. I have been going to the gym and ordering less takeout. I even booked my trip to Japan. But i did it because it makes me feel happy and fulfilled, not because I have to keep a promise I made to myself.

Let me know if you have 3 goals, or more this year. I want to know what you want to achieve and we can speak it into the universe.
Until next time,
Paige xx

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