Where Have I Been?

So… long time no see peaches. I have not posted a blog post in over two months, and my instagram has been a little lazy too. Instead of just hopping straight back into usual programming, I thought I would come on here and give you a couple of reasons why I have not been posting.

First of all, let’s get the bad out of the way. I was in a messy relationship, followed by a messy breakup. My Mum put it perfectly when she said that it “turned me into a crazy person.” It took up all my time and all I wanted to write about was how angry he made me, how I hated broken promises. But before I could post those stories, I stopped myself, because I knew I would regret them one day.

However, although it was a hard time, it taught me a lot. I now know that I cannot do long distance relationships. I am many wonderful things, but I fully admit I am clingy and a little needy at times and that does not lend itself to long distance, especially with someone who doesn’t want to communicate.

Secondly, Uni has gotten real. I am in my third and final year and although I am loving it, it is a lot of pressure and I am working as hard as I can - although my procrastination does get in the way sometimes.

I must also admit that I have lost a little inspiration. I know I have a voice, I just was unsure what to say for a very long time. I am still not completely sure, but I am going to explore different options, different types of blog posts and see what works and what doesn’t.

One thing that will be changing is my instagram! I have fallen so out of love with my instagram. I look at it and the pictures I posted - that I used to love - all look very dark and uninteresting. So I am going to be going with a more peachy pink theme, that fits my name pretty well, because pink makes me really happy!

If you have ever read my fiction, you will be glad to know I have have my typing fingers back on and your encouragement and praise truly pushes me forward!

I have alos been working super hard on my Podcast with my bestie Debbie: Dipped In Honey! It has been so much fun and we are just at the beginning of our journey! I would love for you to check it out!

Also, if you are a blogger in London and you wanna come out and shoot together, please DM me! I am available on wednesdays and fridays! You can check out my Twitter Instagram and Tumblr if you like pink.

It feels so good to be talking to you again, and I cannot wait to come back each week and have a little natter with you.

Until next time.
Paige xx

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