Becoming a Morning Person

I used to be a night owl, staying up into wee hours of the night, writing fiction. But it seems, as I take on more responsibility in my life, the night owl lifestyle is not serving me well. Because, instead of writing fiction, I am watching endless vine compilations and never really getting anything done.

I am sure we have all seen them, the beautiful people on youtube, telling you how to be a morning person and I have tried, trust me I have tried. But it is just not a skill I have been able to master before.

But, we are only two weeks into my final year of uni and I can already feel myself heading to burnout. So something has to change. My productivity has to change.

Now that I am back at uni, I have so much content to keep an eye on. Over the summer, it was my blog, my instagram and my internship. But now, it is four different modules, editing, commissioning several articles a week, not to mention fiction and blogging. So I need to begin kick starting my days.

I am not going to be waking up at 6AM and practicing yoga - although that lifestyle does look amazing. I am going to be trying 8AM to start off with, and then slowly go earlier, 10 minutes at a time.

I have a few tasks that I need to make sure that I get done every morning. So, I am putting them here, so I can be held accountable.

  • Follow up any articles for Rising East (our student magazine)
  • Schedule tweets for the day
  • Read the main headlines of the news
  • Read a chapter of a book

But it is not just my uni commitments that I want to improve with these early mornings, it is my health too. I want to wake up with a big glass of water and a banana. Because hydration is an adult skill that I can honestly say I have not mastered.

I believe that if I start off my day being productive, it will improve my mood, make me feel more in control, but also make me feel less guilty when I do end up taking some me time.

I am going to keep you updated on Twitter and on my Insta stories! So make sure to follow me to see how I do with this lifestyle change!

Let me know if you want to become a morning person, or if you are one of the lucky ones, who already is!

Until next time,
Stay peachy,
Paige xx

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