Plus Size Body Confidence

So, I was sent a DM on the weekend, asking me about how I am so confident with my body, as I am a chubby girl and it got me thinking, how did I get to this point? Because I can tell you I had some dark times, where I did not like my body. But, here we are now, at this point of acceptance and love that I hope everyone gets to.

I think it would be naive to say that I just learnt to love myself. Because this is not true. Loving yourself is like loving another person, it is a comitment and every day you have to wake up and decide that you are going to love yourself.

But, before we get into that. The main thing that got me on this journey to confidence was realising that there were only two options: either I lost the weight, or I started loving myself the way I was. And you know your girl loves food, so it was option B fo me.

Now, I think the key to my journey was really focusing on the fact that I am not just my body. Of course, the personality is super important and I am in no way saying that you should forget about that. But I feel that every post or article about self love is about the personality.

So, as well as loving your personality, focus on other things about your physical appearance that you love. Maybe you have beautiful eyes, maybe you have really pretty hair, and focus on those things when you look at yourself in the mirror. It is better to see what you like than to focus on what you don’t.

The big factor for me was changing myself, almost completely. I was trying to be the barbie with long blonde hair and 3 bras (yes I really did that) but it was not authentically me. So, I chopped my hair off and died it orange, and I love it so much and I feel so much prettier than when I was trying to be pretty for other people.

So that is a big takeaway for me (not the chinese kind) don’t ever dress or look a certain way for another person. I have done this for boys, for society, it doesn’t work, trust me. The only way to begin to gain confidence is to tap into your on personal style and run with it.

I remember I bought a cardigan with a vintage collar and I would wear it ALL THE TIME, because I just loved it! It was my style, probably the only thing that was my true style in my wardrobe at the time, because I wasn’t dressing for myself.

Once I began buying clothes that I loved and loved how they looked on me, everything changed. I wanted to go out more, take more pictures, show my body more on instagram. And I am not saying go out and buy loads of clothes. It is about identifying what you love in your wardrobe, what makes you happy and wearing that.

Because, I have tried everything, seeking affirmation, crash dieting, name it, I have most probably tried it. But the only thing that worked, was looking at myself and realising that I don’t need to loose 10 pounds to love myself, I can start it right now.

And yes, of course, I still have bad days, and there are still parts of my body that I don’t like, I think there always will be. But when I look at where I am now, compared to where I was a year ago, it is a whole different person. I live more authentically now, style wise, than I ever have in my life!

Let me know what your style is and what makes you beautiful!

Until next time,

Stay peachy,
Paige xx

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