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We are here again for another Paige's People! This week we have Kaz from Kazfoncette and Wigs For Heroes! She is such an inspiration and an absolute beauty! I hope you enjoy this interview with her as much as I enjoyed meeting her!

1. Tell me a little about what you do?

Blogging via Instagram mainly , my captions telling my story about life during/after and recovering from cancer with fashion and beauty thrown in ;)

Each caption is my diary entry which is unique on Instagram, I’ve never seen it before but I love reading captions so it made sense to play on my liking for that.

▪️Dear Diary, I’m out of the danger zone and the toilet...excuse the details but having gastroenteritis is no joke. People that don’t like me will probably be thinking ‘good’ but don’t worry babes karma has my back too and haters always gon hate (cue American accent !) I’ve lost almost a stone in less than a week and my damn dignity when I nearly didn’t make it to the loo...! This has brought back some horrific memories of life during chemo and how rotten it makes you feel. If anyone has ever had this and not chemo , let’s just say the side effects are almost second to none. It’s made me feel weak, reflective once again and a little fed up of just laying in bed. Being unproductive is not my thing! I love keeping busy but sometimes life has a funny way of telling us to once again slow down. So emails can wait until Monday. I feel light headed when I sit up stand up or even prop myself up. Oh and if @lucozadesport ever needed any micro influencers to advertise their drinks MATE ! They have saved my ass ( literally) over the last few days, I couldn’t be more thankful for a sugary drink filling me with the electrolytes lost over the past week I tell ya! Thank you to all my insta friends checking in daily - the love is so appreciated my loves 💕 I was flicking through my phone and thought I’d share the most reflective pic I have from Istanbul. So here it is ! Enjoy - oh and just to make myself laugh I’m starting the new series of @americanvandalofficial the Brown Out 🤣🤣Always signed with A Coat Of Pink - K 💕▪️ . . #iatanbul #suleymaniye #girllondoner #pinkhairleopardprint #wiwt #blogger
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2. Favourite colour?

Apart from pink of course - White

3. Could you tell me a little about your journey as a blogger, how you started? What inspired you?

I started blogging last year because of a breast cancer diagnosis. I wanted to reach out to others going through a similar thing so I wouldn’t feel alone and vice versa.

At the same time I started a charity for other women going through cancer which is now growing thanks to Instagram. Since it became an official charity in February, a little while after , I decided to separate my personal life from the charity so opened a separate Instagram account for it. It’s given me more freedom to be me and talk about things I love and enjoy such as fashion without it having to always be cancer related.

Fashion has been a big part of my life since I was a child, my family were in the rag trade making clothes for Burberry, Topshop etc and I also used to have a vintage stall in Brick Its in my blood ;)

4. How has your cancer changed your outlook on life?

Wow it’s massively changed it . It’s definitely given me a taste for life and makes me realize I should grasp every opportunity to do the things I enjoy, even if it means traveling somewhere far for the perfect picture 🤣 memories are important not only for me but for the people I know and love.

I was so caught up in working constantly before that I never truly enjoyed my time off. Time with the people I love. Now it’s about having something to be grateful for each night before I sleep.

5. Favourite autumn item?

Ooooh has to be my boiler suit

6. One goal you have right now?

Silly but to get the swipe up on instagram 🤣I want to reach 10k in my charities account too so that’s two 10ks to reach !

7. Cats or dogs?

I have a French bulldog called Bugsy who I adore and he is my first ever dog, but before he came along I had 2 white cats growing up who sadly died. I love all animals so it’s hard to choose. They are much nicer than people .

8. What you would tell other men and women who want to start blogging?

Don’t worry about likes, focus on writing about what you love and be original. Beautiful pictures and posts will get you the attention and props it needs in time. Patience is definitely a virtue when trying to grow a following.

9. What would you tell men and women going through treatment right now?

It’s always hard to answer questions like this because everyone is in a different situation or has a different prognosis. I will always say hang on to hope and live each day as it comes, make each day count and don’t worry about tomorrow.

10. And tell me one thing that makes you super happy!!

Just one ?! Singing makes me the happiest.

This woman just makes me so happy!! Make sure you check out her insta and check out her charity @wigsforheroes. She is so amazing and does so much for others! So go and show her some love!

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Until next time,
Stay peachy,
Paige x

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