My Style Evolution

One of my wonderful instagram followers asked if I could write a blog post about my style. Now, this is a topic I love, but find hard to write about. I think this could turn into a few blog posts. But we’ll start off with the evolution of my style!

We’ll start at the beginning. Now, I have to admit that I was a little stunna, as you can tell. My mum did a very good job of keeping me in all of the cutest styles, and because I was a dancer, I was a lover of costumes. The short and t-shirt combo was my favourite on holiday - as was posing with my brother, it seems. But by the time I was 10, because I was a dancer, I had dressed as a turtle, the evil queen and mickey mouse. So, my style started pretty great.

Then we get to the weird goth phase. There is not a lot of photoagraphic evidence of this time. This was the time when I was really unsure who I was, what I wanted, how I wanted to dress. So, I put together items that just don’t go together and hoped that they would work. Spoiler alert: they didn’t.

But then, the glory years came: college. This was the time I bought my first dress, and fell in love. I was still long and blonde, but we were heading more and more vintage with every day. This was when I fell in love with italy and found that writing was my passion. It was a very good time.

Then, we get to uni and the rise of the mini skirt, or dress rather. Now, if you know me, you know I have the shelf (my behind) it does not work in short dresses. But this is something that I did not understand. So, I would like to apologise to every poor soul who saw my underwear during my first two years of uni.

I had loved vintage fashion for a long time. But it can seem so daunting. I had dabbled, but it all really started when I headed to the Collectif store and bought my first ever vintage dress. I was in love! So a few weeks later, I went and bought three more!

Once I had the taste for vintage, it seemed that vintage dresses were popping up everywhere! And then I made my first order to LindyBop and my life was honestly changed! Knowing what size I was changed the game, meaning I could order the dresses without any stress.

Now, my style evolution is definitely far from complete and I have a long way to go. I am now dipping my toe into petticoats, which can be a tricky item, I have found, and my vintage collection is growing.

I have finally gone through my wardrobe and gotten rid of anything that doesn’t suit me anymore and it is the most cathartic thing I have done in a long while!

I hope you enjoyed this little style evolution! I think I will be posting more fashion posts on this blog soon, so watch out for that!

Let me know about your style evolution in the comments!

Until next time,
Stay peachy,
Paige x

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