I cannot contain this celebration anymore. I HAVE REACHED 100K READS ON MY BOOK!!! Now, I know a lot of people would prefer instagram followers, or twitter fans. But, for me, a little fiction writing blogger, this is HUGE!

Although, I must reveal a little truth, this is my second piece of work to reach 100k views. But, I never really talk about my fanfiction and my writing. Because I have never thought that there would be anyone interested. But 100k reads can’t be wrong!

I started writing fanfiction in 2016. I had been writing fiction for years, for purely my own enjoyment. I have always believed that you should write the novel you want to read, and I would. I would sit and read my own book for hours, and then one day it clicked: maybe other people would like my work.

It was always a kind of passing question, and I certainly never expected anyone to read it. So, I thought I would add to the infinite space that was the universe, and upload my first story.

It was a little Phantom of the Opera fic. I never thought anyone would read it, really. But, I went to bed and hoped that one person would have read it by the time I woke up.

Well wasn’t my little chubby booty shocked when I awoke to see that 100 people had read my fic! I ran downstairs, clutching my laptop and shouted to my mum. “100 people mum! From all over the world!” She was so impressed. I had the bug, and I was never getting rid of it.

I think what is so important about this little anecdote, is that 100 readers made me just as happy as 100k has. Because it completely exceeded my expectations. It was finally the validation that someone other than me loved my writing. It didn’t matter if it was only one person who had liked it, I would have been happy with that. I never went into this wanting the numbers, and I think that that is important.

So, now that you have read a brief anecdote about my step into fanfic, and had a lesson from the wise old peach I am, let me tell you about my book. But unfortunately, like most stories, I must give you some context before we begin.

I have a guilty pleasure: Krumione. The pairing of Viktor Krum and Hermione Granger always just worked for me. I had read every fic that anyone had written about the pair. But, I needed more, I needed more long, novel length fics. So trusty Paige stuck with her saying and I wrote a book that I wanted to read.

The Flower Shop blew up, with 250K readers in a year, and I couldn’t believe it! It was light and airy, bubbly romance, and I loved writing every word of it. But I was not done with Krumione. I wanted to write a fic for my true hardcore, diehard Krumione fans, and thus A Year Abroad was born.

I never really knew where A Year Abroad was going. All that I knew was that I wanted it to be long, and I wanted it to take place in an alternate universe.

This was a risk. AU stories very rarely do as well as canon stories (based on my knowledge) so writing outside of the Harry Potter timeline was a risk. But it was one I needed to take.

Writing A Year Abroad was not easy, and because of other projects it took me over two years to finish. But, in those two years, I have amased 150K words and 100K reads and I am so proud.

I often get people asking me “If you have 400k+ reads, why don’t you make any money off it.” Now, this question always perplexed me. Because I never wanted money for my fanfic. I did it to improve my writing. But more importantly, to build a readership.

My main goal with my fanfic, after realising that people rather liked it, was to build a readership that I could show an agent, a publishing house as some kind of proof that my writing was popular. The numbers are wonderful, and I am so grateful for every single reader I have. But it has always been like the stepping stones to having my first novel published.

I learnt what made both A Year Abroad and The Flower Shop so popular, and I can now apply them to my first novel. It has given me the confidence to actually query this novel, as opposed to keeping it in a word doc forever.

So, for all of my writers out there, nervous to share their content, know that I was sweating when I published my little Phantom of the Opera fic. But, if I had never published it, and felt that joy of my first 100 readers, I would not be here celebrating 100K reads.

I am so thankful to everyone who took time to read my book. You can find my work here. Don’t worry, if Harry Potter isn’t your thing, then I have Game of Thrones and Alice in Wonderland as well. Please check it out, I would be so grateful.

Also, I am looking for Beta readers for my novel. If you are interested, please DM me on Twitter or Instagram.

I love you all so much, and thank you for celebrating this milestone with me!

Until next time,
Stay Peachy,
Paige xx

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