Back to Uni

So, today marked my first meeting back at uni. Now, I am one of those people that counts down to the first day of uni, like it is Christmas. I hate not having work to stimulate my brain, and although this summer I did, I still missed the multi skill work that Uni challenges me with.

It’s my last year of uni, and that means I am going to be applying for post grad schemes and jobs and although this terrifies me, it also excites me! I cannot wait for this year of uni to really begin so that I can dunk my head back into the world of journalism.

But, just like with every student that is about to go into their last year of uni, I am a little scared. There is this strange sense of the unknown. I have been in the school system for 16 years now. Apart from weekend jobs and internships, it is the only life I have known. So, the idea that I am going to be flung into the world of work is a little scary.

But then I think about all of the wonderful job opportunities out there, and how many creative ideas I have and that was confirmed for me today when a classmate turned to me and said “Did you hear the theme for the magazine this year? It’s amazing!” To which I bashfully replied: “Yeah, I came up with it.” It feels so wonderful to be back in a group of young creative people, bouncing off ideas and coming up with plans for the next year.

I am going to keep blogging, but it might be that some weeks, we only have a blog post and not a Paige’s People. But I have exciting things coming for my blog and instagram and I cannot wait to show those to you!

So there was a little happy go lucky blog post, of which I do too few. I hope you have enjoyed and let me know if you are heading to uni, and what you study!

Until next time,
Stay Peachy,
Paige xx

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