Paige’s People - Rakel Gómez

Guys, we're back again with Paige's People! This week is Rakel Gómez, from Pineapple Islands!

1. Where is the favorite place you have been to?

It´s so hard to choose just one destination, because I am so in love with Morocco, Greece, China and Japan....but the most beautiful place on Earth in my opinion is French Polynesia. I dreamt of these islands since I was a kid. At university, I got a job as a congress hostess, which allowed me to live there and earn money. Then I sold everything I had, including my beloved rollerblades, clothes, everything, and got the chance to visit Tahiti for the very first time. I was absolutely mesmerized by their beauty that I have returned two times to explore this paradise on earth.

2. Where do you want to visit?

I would love to explore more of South America. I have so many friends from different countries and I´m planning a big trip to visit them all.

3. Favorite animal, and why?

I´m an animal lover. Love them all. I have two dogs and an adopted cat. I have bathed with a baby elephant, swam with sharks, turtles and giant rays, held a baby kangaroo...all animals have my love and respect.

4. How do you chill out?

Whenever i feel stressed I escape to Noja where i have a house near the beach. I have posted several posts about this little seaside town in north Spain so people can see that Spain is much more than the south or the islands.

5. Why did you start your blog?

I just wanted to share my photography and my passion for traveling with the rest of the world.

6. Tea or coffee, and why?

I´m a coffee addict.There is no smell I love waking up to more than fresh brewed coffee, especially on Saturday mornings. It gives me the boost I need to stay focused and energized.

7. Any advice for bloggers starting out? On how to take pics or manage social media?

I´m overwhelmed by the amount of DMs I receive everyday, asking me to give some tips about places, taking pics, camera equipment, etc... I´m completely self taught in everything I do, so for me creativity and perseverance is the key. I would also recommend being natural and spontaneous in your pics. You don´t need to have a really expensive cameras in order to have good captures. Many of my pics are taken with my iPhone.

8. What can we find on your blog?

On my blog you can find information about destinations, hotels, restaurants, activities, etc...I have to write many more articles but I truly can´t find time since I´m always traveling and creating content. Furthermore, I have been asked by several brands to collaborate so I write whenever I can and feel inspired.

9. Favorite food?

As a Spanish, I take food very seriously. I´m from the Basque Country which has more Michelin Stars per capita that anywhere else in the world. Although I´m a big fan of Chinese cuisine, Spanish one is my favorite.

10. Where can we find you?

When not traveling you can find me in Bibao (north Spain) which has been considered the best European City 2018! But you can always find me over on my blog! And my Instagram!

Thank you so much to the wonderful Rakel Gómez! Please go and check out her blog and her insta everyone!

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