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This week, we are heading back over the pond, btut taking a trip down to the beautiful Hailey Rae Miller, over at Latter Day Style!

1. What is it you do?

Basically, I just share my Sunday church outfits! My goal is to show other LDS (Latter Day Saints) girls and women that you can be modest and stylish at the same time. I hope to publish an actual blog soon, to talk about how and why I dress modestly. I also hope to share shopping tips to stay thrifty and make up tips for crazy hot & humid weather.

2. Biggest style inspiration? And why?

My style inspiration comes from a lot of different people and places. A few people I follow for style ideas are; Taylor Swift 2010-2012/13, Blair Waldorf, Zooey Deschanel, Christina Hendricks & Rachel Berry. Places like my home of Washington, Seattle to Bellingham, also influence how I dress. For example, you can pry my flannel, plaid, rain boots and toms from my cold dead hands lol. Also, I’ve always thought that New England is just SO beautiful. I LOVE the preppy style of the Northeastern states. The seasons also greatly influence how I dress, I’m always dressing in tune to what season it is, despite what the weather is outside.

3. Favorite food?

Pasta first and foremost, specifically alfredo pasta with mushrooms or shrimp. I also love comfort foods like stew, soups and mashed potatoes & gravy. Give me all the carbs!!

4. Favorite season? And why?

Autumn hands down! We get the best autumns where I’m from in the Seattle area. It’s drizzly, cool, overcast from mid September to December and there’s the prettiest fall foliage. I love it and miss it dearly. I love all the things that come with the fall season like; apple picking, hayrides, pumpkin patches, sweaters and all the food lol

5. Which fantasy creature would you be and why? 

Absolutely a witch!! I just love all things magic and I would love to have some cool earthy healing powers and be able to communicate with animals. Oh and broomsticks and black cats?? Yes please!

6. Could you tell me about a defining moment in your life and how it impacted you?

When I moved to Hawaii back in 2014. My then boyfriend and now husband was in the Navy and was being stationed at Pearl Harbor for 3 years. So I took a chance and boldly moved to Hawaii right after him. It was the start of a new chapter in my life. I was, for the first time, figuring out what really being an adult was like. Now we’ve been in his Hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana for a year and it’s another huge change, but I’m embracing it the best I can!!

7. Your favorite item of clothing?

Oh gosh…. So hard!! Well, I guess my light wash skinny American Eagle jeans I wear Mon-Fri, my navy red and yellow plaid flannel from Old Navy, my chunky nut brown open front sweater from American Eagle, my embroidered organza dress from chicwish and my black jean bomber style jacket from American Eagle!! Oh, and like every plaid scarf I own.

8. Who are some of your favorite insta accounts?

I follow @aclotheshorse @jenniferlake and @lizzieinlace religiously, and of course every cute animal insta ever.




9. What is your biggest goal in life?

I really just have a lot of little goals. I want to become a veterinary technician, get a degree in animal behavior, open up a blog that isn’t totally terrible, book an average of 3 photography clients a month and start a family by 28.

10. Favorite color?

Emerald & forest green, like a light/pale grey blue, & lavender.

11. Where can we find you?

Lafayette, Louisiana!!! And on my Insta!

Hailey was such a wonderful woman to interview! It is so lovely to meet someone with faith and style! Such an amazing role model! Make sure you guys check her out!

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Until next time,
Stay peachy,
Paige xx

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