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Hello everyone, now this week's Paige's People is a special one for me. I have been following Keri for a very long time and I had to muster the courage to ask her to do this interview. I am so so happy that she said yes! So, here we are, Keridoodles, everyone.

1. Tell me a bit about what you do?
I’m an artist and I love painting. My main subjects include people, plants, animals, and landscapes, and I like giving them a magical twist. I also love spending time in the outdoors, and I occasionally write a bit as well!

2. When did you begin painting?
I began painting only a few years ago, when I was about 15. I’ve always loved art, and I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. It was only a few years ago that I discovered my love for painting.

3. Favourite snack?

(Wow that’s a hard one!) If I had to choose, I could eat toast all the time haha! But I’m always drinking coffee while I’m painting (if that even counts as a snack!)

4. How has your artistic style evolved over time?
My style has changed a lot over the past few years, and even within the past year! I used to draw very simplified, and then I got into a more animated Disney style when I tried digital art. I went back and forth a lot between what I liked, but I only recently started painting more realistic. I still don’t think my style is perfect, and I hope to continue to work on it and make it exactly how I want!

5. Who is an artist that you really look up to?
One of my favorite artists has always been Caspar David Friedrich. His paintings are so hauntingly beautiful and I only wish that I could capture that feeling within my work. I also look up to everyone around me on social media. One of the first artists that got me interested in posting my art online is Taryn Knight, also known as taryndraws. Her work still inspires me today!

Caspar David Friedrich
Taryn Knight
6. Which Harry Potter house are you?
Oh wow, this is one that I’m still not 100% sure about. I’ve always considered myself a Hufflepuff, but every time I’ve taken the Pottermore quiz I get Gryffindor. So I’d say I’m a Hufflepuff with a lot of Gryffindor qualities!

7. Has there ever been a drawing that you never managed to finish?
This happens all the time! I’m not very good at planning my pieces, so sometimes I’ll get halfway through a piece and realise that I hate the way it looks. I usually try and make myself finish any piece though, because I think I can always learn something from my mistakes.

8. Favourite colour?
My favorite color is definitely orange. I honestly love any autumnal color, but orange reminds me of leaves and pumpkins and it makes me so happy. I always find myself trying to incorporate it into all of my pieces.

9. One subject that you could draw a hundred times and never get bored of?
I don’t think I could ever get tired of painting plants. Nature is a huge inspiration to me and I am surrounded by it where I live. I’m also studying botany in school, and I think plants are just absolutely beautiful and fascinating!

10. Your favourite piece of art you have created?
I honestly can’t decide which piece of mine is my favorite. I feel like a lot of my paintings have certain qualities to them that I like, and so I enjoy all of them in some way. I really love the way that all my pieces have been turning out recently, but I don’t think I could name which one is my favorite!

11. Where can we find you?
You can find me on Instagram and Tumblr @keridoodles (Although I mainly post on Instagram!) You can also follow me on Pinterest to see my inspiration for a lot of my pieces (@keri drechsel)! I’m hoping to open a store soon as well!

Well now, wasn't that just the most delightful thing you have ever read? Keri has such a beautiful look, and her artwork is simply the cutest thing around. Please do go and check her out, because she is one of the most talented ladies I know!

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Until next time,
Stay peachy,
Paige xx

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