I'm Melting

So we are having a heatwave in the UK and everyone is happy. I was happy for the first few days. I thought “here comes the 3 days of sun we’ll get, bliss.” That’s how it usually goes. But no, this has not happened.

It seems that this year, the heat is here to stay and having experienced my first proper summer in the UK, in my 20 years of life, I’m definitely an autumn/winter girl.

I am sure, if you can lay out on the grass or the beach all day, that you would be fine, that this summer is pure bliss. But I am working anywhere from 5-7 days at the moment and it is potentially the worst thing ever.

This is not helped by the fact that, like most English people, I have about 5 outfits for this weather, that you take on holiday and such, and our washer is broken. So, your girl is recycling shirts that I haven’t worn in years, t shirts that leave me semi cool, it seems, that my tweed skirt is once again the shining star, even in this heat.

The heat has finally broken for one day and I can tell you, that being able to get on the tube and not feel the sweat drip down the back of my legs (TMI, I know) is amazing!

I love the heat, I really do. I have always considered myself a summer baby, but now I am just not so sure. I yearn for the first day of autumn, when I can whack out my thick knit jumpers and hot chocolates. I think I have come to the realisation that Christmas is one of my favourite times in the year, especially in the city and I just like my scarves and winter coats.

Another thing about the autumn/winter is that you can wrap up and be warm. Cold? Throw on a jumper. Still cold? Throw on a scarf! But in summer there is nothing. Hot? Suffer. I cannot shed my skin like some sort of human lizard and I just am not enjoying it.

It also seems that the heat makes me more irritable. Every small inconvenience makes me want to cry and I am just not happy about that, because I pride myself on being a happy, go lucky person.

So, in summary, I am waiting for this heat to go and for the first bitter morning of autumn to hit. Until then, you can catch me with a massive bottle of water, complaining about how hot it is and telling myself I need a holiday.

Let me know which season is your favourite and give me your tips on surviving the heat!

Until next time,
Stay peachy,
Paige xx

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