I want to be a Fairy!

So, after the nastiness that we spoke about last week, I thought I would come on this week and talk about something purely fantastical and wonderful.

I think, when we are children, there is a certain non human creature we want to be. Some people want to be mermaids, some people want to be wizards, I wanted to be a fairy!

When I was a child, I loved Tinkerbell. I loved how she was stroppy and needed attention and now, I see that is highly telling of me as a person, haha. All jokes aside, I wanted wings and I wanted to be as light and airy as Tinkerbell.

But more so, I wanted to live in the woods, potentially in a tree, and I wanted to dance with my friends and not worry about life and life for whichever season I was in charge of.

My favourite fairy was always Silvermist, the water fairy friend of Tinkerbell. She had a long mane of black, beautiful hair, and I just remember wanting to be exactly like her!

I grew up with the Rainbow Magic Books. Now, if you did not read the Rainbow Magic Books I am so sorry that you missed out. Because, they had almost every name of fairy under the sun and they all had their own little powers, or things to be in charge of. Some were cool, like the colour fairies, Ruby the red fairy, Izzy the Indigo fairy and then there was Paige, the Pantomime fairy. What? Pantomime? We couldn't have peony? I couldn’t believe it.

But then, Barbie Fairytopia came along and oh my god, I have never wanted to be a fairy so much in my life! I think we seriously underestimate the Barbie movies, because they were a highlight of my childhood.

And lately, I have been thinking a lot about fairies. I love the idea of fae, from Barbie, all the way to Sookie Stackhouse. And I wondered why I always wanted to be a fairy and I thought about what fairies mean to me.

I think that fairies, for me, were always so close to nature. They were beautiful, of course, but they were woodland creatures, creatures that had been spoken about for thousands of years and were not malicious, like mermaids could be.

I think that the takeaway from this little silly blog post, is that everyone needs to watch at least one Barbie movie, I recommend Fairytopia, The magic of Pegasus and The Princess and the Pauper. Also, if you have child, please buy them the Rainbow Magic Book of their name, hopefully it won’t be as lame as mine!

I am going to be getting back in touch with nature and if you see some crazy red head running around Richmond park, pretending to be a fairy, don’t blame me, blame Barbie!

Let me know which creature you wanted to be!

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Until next time,
Stay Peachy
Paige xx

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