10 Goals for my 20s

Here we go! It is finally here, my 20th birthday. Sunday, July 22nd, I will no longer be a teenager. Where other people might be dreading it, and wishing they could eternally remain in their teens, I am glad. I might even go as far to say I am excited.

So, like every blogger ever, I am going to comprise 10 goals that I have for my 20s (I should have made it 20, but that is a lot of goals. Would you really want to read all of those? Because I wouldn’t haha). Whether they be big or small. I am making a promise to myself, putting them out into the world, to hold myself accountable.

1. Get that education, girl!

Of course, in my 20s, I am going to be finishing my undergrad. I am hoping to get a first, and I will ensure that I work hard to get there. But past that, I am hoping to study a masters at City University. I want my education to match my creativity. I want publications to be able to look at my CV and see that I am both academic and creative!

2. Get published!

If you guys know me, you know that I am an author. I have written 3 fanfiction books now, which have gained me around 500,000 readers. I am so pleased to have so many amazing readers, who give me wonderful feedback. But I want to be able to walk into a bookstore and see my book there. I don’t care if I am the next J K Rowling, I just want to see it there, in paperback!

3. Make some blogger friends!

Now, it goes without saying that I am continuing with my blog and want to gain more readers and success from it. But what I really want is to make some friends from it! I want to have a small circle of people that I can really connect with, can consult with about my blog. I really want some people who I can grow with. So, I am going to begin reaching out to my favourite bloggers, because if you don’t try, then you have already failed!

4. Get me in the kitchen!

I love food! I did not become a #plussize blogger by eating salad. But, when it comes to cooking, I am no Gordon Ramsay. So, I want to improve my skills in the kitchen and cook more. Not only to improve myself and my skills, but to save my wallet and my waistline! Also, I want to have a dinner party and whip out some seriously impressive, homemade food!

5. Work on my Italian!

I adore Italian, and I had a course all booked for this summer to further my study of the language. But that had to be cancelled. So, it is my goal to ensure that I get myself into that class and gain a priceless skill. Not only so that I will be a more rounded person. But also so that my chances of being able to have my Eat Pray Love moment increase!

6. Find my roots.
I know a lot of people say that they want to travel on these kinds of lists, and of course, I would like to travel. But I feel it is more important to find your roots. To find where you really belong. Now, I don’t know if that will be a physical place, or a job or a person. But I want to find where I belong in this world, where I feel I have true meaning and purpose.

7. Say yes more, but also learn to say no.

I feel I don’t say yes to opportunities that could be really beneficial for me, because of fear, or a lack of time or some other silly, potentially fake reason. I need to start saying yes to brands that approach me, yes to collaborations, yes to events. I want to be able to grow and look back and be proud of the choices that I have made. But similarly, I find myself saying yes to things that I don't feel like doing, but I feel some sense of duty or guilt to do it. But no more, I am saying no and I will take some control over my life!

8. I will freelance.

This is something that is purely based on fear. I fear pitching more-so than the content creation. But, like anything, once you have pitched once, the fear is gone. So, I am going to get out there. I have good ideas and I am a good writer, so I should have faith in myself to approach publications and have faith in myself. So that one day, I can have my column!

9. I will treat myself with kindness

I know I am on a journey of growth and exploration and throughout this I am undoubtedly going to make mistakes. We are human, we all make mistakes and I want to get to a point where I can forgive myself for these mistakes and move forward in my life. Understanding that my past actions and decisions do not define me.

10. Life a person centered life
Now this sounds very gimmicky. But this is what all of my goals boil down to. I want to live a life centered around the happiness of myself and those around me. I want to meditate more and take time to enjoy the things that I love, guilt free. I want to one day have a column in a magazine and have an impressive career. But I also want to know that when I wake up, I am going to do everything within my power to ensure that I go to sleep as content, if not more so than when I woke up.

So, those were 10 of my goals for my 20s. Of course there are more, and I might make a video of my 20 goals for my 20s.

Let me know what your goals are for the coming years!

Until next time,
Stay peachy,
Paige xx

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