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We're back again with Paige's People! This week is Swiss blogger Léa Charlotte!

Tell us a little about yourself!

My name is Léa and My blog is about fashion, lifestyle and travel. In my fashion section you can find different outfits I’ve put together and some fashion trends that I love.

For my lifestyle section, I write everything that goes through my mind. Like how I live my life, what I think is very important to me in life to be happy and live a healthy lifestyle.

You can also find a section about my travelling experiences in different cities & countries. In the articles, I tell what happened during my trips and where I recommend to go.

Outside of my blog and instagram, I study hospitality and I actually finished my exams about a week ago.

Where is home for you?

I’ve always lived in the countryside in Switzerland near a city called Vevey.

City you can’t wait to go to?

Omg this is a hard question because I want to travel to so many cities. But I mostly cannot wait for the day I’ll go to New York but unfortunately I haven’t planned a trip anytime soon. I’ll go one day.

Favourite comfort food?

Definitely French toasts with berries and maple syrup. I love bread so much!

What is one message that you try to put forward with your blog?

That whatever your size of clothing, your color of skin, your religion, your sexuality is you can wear whatever you want even if it has to break gender rules or stupid fashion rules.

You can find Léa over at her blog or her instagram
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