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So guys, I have been super sick. That is why Paige's People is going up late this week! But this week's person of interest is near and dear to my heart. Sophie, from An Adventurer's World, and I went to school together and she reached out to me about starting her blog! I am honestly so proud of her, so here we go!!

When did you begin travelling
I only began traveling last December. Costa Rica was my first ever adventure and it was also my first trip solo (til I got to the jungle) It was meant to be for 14 months, because I was following the 2 months with a year in Australia, however because I got ill, I couldnt travel to Australia. But I have my flights booked for October, so only 8 months over due. I'm currently writing a blog series about my trip to Costa Rica actually!

Where is your favourite place you’ve been so far?
Would have to be Costa Rica, as it's the only place I've been to outside of the UK. Don't get me wrong, Devon is beautiful and only recently have I realised how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place. I mean we have the sea right on our doorsteps, as well as woodland! But, in Costa Rica, the views are breathtaking, it's just like you are in paradise. The wildlife is incredible as well, it's so different seeing them in the wild rather then behind bars. They also got used to humans being around so, they got really close. There was cappachins really close to camp one day, one of the locals called me over as I went for one of my walks. There was a group of them running in the grass and climbing in the trees. Didn't even care we were there! One of them had a baby on its back but still happily ate from the tree as we took photos. That to me showed how humans truly affect animal behaviour. If you respect them then they will respect you back.

Where are you dying to visit?
I have two! Berlin in Germany and Canada. My grandad was born and raised in Berlin, we have been meaning to go for years but he got ill before we went and we had to cancel (he's better now) but I have always just wanted to see what he grew up with! I know the city would have changed a lot since he was there, but there is also the Berlin wall and you can't forget pretzels! The same is for Canada, my great grandma went to Canada with my great grandad for a few weeks, they loved it and it makes me really happy when she tells me all the stories and shows me all the photos because I know it holds a lot of memories for her. I hope I would be able to go whilst she is still with us so I can share with her the love. Plus Canada is a really beautiful place as well. I just like going to beautiful places, as you probably have guessed by now!

What is your dream job?
Full time blogger or freelance artist. I love writing and connecting with people. I have always kept journals and I love reading blogs, especially yours, Paige. ( If it wasnt for your blog, mine wouldnt be here today) you have shown me that I can do whatever job I want and to just be myself! Being a freelance artist also means I can travel full time as I would be able to work from anywhere and would be easy to do from my van (my dream accommodation). I can drive up to the beach or somewhere, get out my laptop and just write. Being in a space I love rather then stuck in an office for hours and hours. I think being in a space that makes you feel calm and happy also reflects on your work.

Cats or dogs?
I couldn't choose. I love both of them equally, I think that's because I have both myself. My pug Luna is my baby. Everyone gets the wrong idea of pugs thinking they are lazy and sleep all day but she is crazy, plus it means we can go for little treks around the area together when it's nice weather but at the same time she's happy with a little walk along the beach! She loves cuddles as well. Then there is Kevin, my cat. He lives in the summer house with me at the top of the garden. You will either see him on the bed spread out or sat at the window waiting for me. He thinks he owns the place.

Books or movies?
Books! I love reading, self care books, adventure and thriller/horror books are my favourite. I'm currently reading, You are a Badass by Jen Sincero which has honestly changed my life so much. It's made me really appreciate the world I have around me, to take every day as it comes but live that day to the fullest and doing what you love. After all life is too short but it's full of possibilities.

Your go to drink order?
Well coffee date over going for a pint any day (been there, drank wayyyy to much) Black Americano, no sugar. Simple but delicious. In Costa Rica the milk was powdered stuff which didn't mix that well with water and would just go lumpy in the cup so I got used to having coffee black and I prefer it. Something I have a drop of milk but if you show up with a black coffee, I will love you forever!

What would you like people to get from your blog?
Inspiration and a smile! I like to be creative with my writing, especially with my travel posts so that people enjoy reading my stories, but that they can also relate to them. As in just another normal human being, who worried and cared way too much about the same things that other people do! I want to inspire and motivate people to follow their dreams, no matter how crazy/impossible it might seem to them. Show them they can do what they love because at the end of the day, life is too short and as long as we are happy and healthly what's all we should care about!

Would you go to the future or the past?
Future for sure, what is in the past is in the past. Don't get me wrong there are so many memories in the past that I would love to relive. There are also so many things I would have done differently but there are also so many things I can do with the future! Honestly I am so excited for the future because anything could happen, plus I have a lot of plans/dreams that I want to happen in the future. Travel more, get my van, work more towards my dream job. In the future there is also move chance to learn and grow as a human. More about myself and about the people around me. I mean I was a completely different person this time last year and I have grown so much as a person in just one year, it's crazy to think about!

Favourite season?
Autumn for sure! There are just so many beautiful colours around, the oranges and yellows on the trees. All the leaves everywhere, plus the days are still pretty long and the weather is not too hot or too cold. It's also cozy and cuddling. You just wanna go outdoors with a blanket and a jumper, with a coffee and relax. This is the dream but then the reality in the UK is just rain, grey sky's and more rain!

Where can we find you?
My Blog, where I share my life experiences with minimalism, mental health, LGBTQ+ and traveling!
You can also find me on Instragram sophi3_xox, where I mostly post photos of the amazing views I've seen on my walks.
But most importantly I love talking to fellow travelers, writers and other wonderful human beings so please send me a DM or comment on my blog! I would love to hear from you all! 

Plus, I would like to say a thank you to Paige for not only allowing me to be on her incredible blog but for being a true babe. Paige is the person who inspired me to start my blog. She showed me that there is more to life then worrying what people think, that you should do whatever you want to do in life and don't let anyone stop you. So thank you beautiful! Keep being an inspiration

Isn't she just an absolute sweetheart! Make sure you head over and follow Sophie, it is absolute travel heaven!

Make sure to check out my insta and my twitter and dm me if you'd like to be one of Paige's People!

Until next time,
Stay peachy,
Paige xx

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