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I'm back here again with another Paige's People! I am so glad that you guys are enjoying this series, because it makes me so happy to meet new bloggers and make new friends!

This week's interview is with @stockholmforward's Lamija! Not only is she stunning, but she runs two amazing accounts on Instagram!

Explain to me a little about what you do?

Currently I am a business student, who works in tourism. I run two Instagram accounts. One account is a personal one and the other one is fashion/blog oriented.

When and why did you start StockholmForward?

I started Stockholm Forward together with my friend Zina Saadi roughly two months ago and it happened one morning, randomly. I called her and asked her if I can use our pictures for this blog I was writing. And for a second she was like ‘oh wait you have a blog? OMG we need to do something together’. So she literally hung up and created the page. So everything happened spontaneously and the main idea behind it is to have a little bit of diversity on the page, and show the world how normal girls without 100k followers can have smoking hot outfits and an amazing sense of style.

What is your favourite colour?

It depends on the mood. But right now it’s orange!

What is a dream that you remember really well?

Well, the dreams I remember, I keep it to myself. haha

What would you buy if you won the Lottery?

I’d buy real estate and invest in that.

Something you really dislike?
Discrimination of any kind!

What is one thing you see yourself doing or being in the future?

I see myself in the fashion industry or as a business consultant.

What is one thing you really believe in?
I believe in karma. Do good and good things will come back to you or vice versa.

What has been the happiest moment of your life?

There has been a lot of happy moments in my life, which makes it difficult to choose a specific one.

Tell us where we can find you!



Thank you so much to the gorgeous Lamija and everyone go and check out @stockholmforward!

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