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So, as many of you may already know, I am a journalism student. The reason that I got into journalism was to meet people, to tell their stories. But, thus far, I haven’t been telling many people’s stories, apart from my own.

But this is about to change. I am beginning a new weekly column on this blog, called Paige’s People. They are going to be short, fun, quirky interviews with the people who I admire. So here we go, the first of Paige’s People is Jody Marie from jodyintechnicolour!

Tell me a little about yourself.

As a blogger I’m all about bright and fun outfits I actually wear and sharing my life and style. My particular branding is around how much I love colour because I decided to make it central to everything I do.
Offline I’m just finishing my degree in Theology, Ministry and Mission and actually work as a youth minister/ worker between a church and a charity.

Describe your aesthetic in two words or less.

Colour Overload

Go to drink?

Red Wine

Do you have a time where you wish you could have stayed in a moment forever?

I’m quite lucky, my life has been full of so many breathtaking moments. My baptism was the most amazing day for me spiritually, and I felt so loved and supported. The whole church was full of people crying and laughing and it felt such a sense of family that I finally felt I really knew where I belonged.

Favourite smell?

Vanilla Coffee!

What would you buy if you won the lottery?

Girl I live in London, winning the lottery is the only way I’ll be able to afford a house! So I’ll buy a house, a yellow beetle andddddd take the young people I work with on holiday!

Sweets or Chocolate?

Sweets over Chocolate, definitely!

What is one insecurity that you feel you have overcome?

I can’t say I don’t care what people think, but I’ve learned whose opinion I really value. Beyond that- oh well! I almost didn’t start blogging because of what people from my school (who I haven’t even seen in years) would think, I take photos on the streets with people staring and judging all the time and I never want to make Me too serious so I’d rather be real than polished. Those were all huge insecurities about how people perceived me, and for the most part I got over it by realising who and what is actually important to me, and deciding the rest shouldn’t define my life- so what if some dude I went to school with thinks my blog is stupid? I’m not doing it for him!

Favourite way to pamper yourself?

Pampering myself is for me, all about doing nothing. I’ll pick up a book that’s totally irrelevant to work, I’ll make some mac and cheese and have some gummy snakes and that will be my time. Sometimes I’ll have a nice bath or treat myself to a new top, but pampering is more about switching myself off to work and taking some me time- and I love to read so I often binge a book in a day off.

What is something you are truly proud of?

I’ve already touched on this but I’m glad and proud I got started because- no one else has my voice. Or my style. That’s not arrogance I swear! But when you realise you are unique, and valuable just by being you, and deal with some of your insecurities standing in the way, it’s amazing. I know my blog and my instagram is my voice and distinctly me, and as someone who struggled (is still struggling) with self esteem and worth it was a risky gamble- but I work hard and I’m trying to build this whole blog and image really honestly- even though it’s tempting to put on a public face. It’s unapologetically bright, honest and me and I’m proud to be in this place.

Jody is one of the most talented, creative women I follow! Please go and check out her blog and her instagram!

If you would like to be one of my Paige's People, please DM here!

Until next time,
Stay Peachy,
Paige xx

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