I want to be Attractive!

Now, hold your horses, this is not a self deprecating post, filled with my yearning for more men to notice me, no. This is a post about wanting to be more attractive to positive energy, using the law of attraction!

It seems that my recent awful week, which we discussed in last week’s blog post, worked as a kind of reset button on my life. Now, I know that all sounds very dramatic, but let me walk you through it.

I had an experience with a boy that really shook me. So, I decided to come off of the dating apps. Will this be forever? Who knows, but for now, I am exceedingly happier knowing that I will not receive a message a day saying how “Curvy and Beautiful I am”.

I have come back to this basic idea of doing what makes me happy. So, I sat down and I wondered what made me happy, when was I genuinely the most stimulated in my life? I immediately thought of Italy.

I visited Northern Italy, Venice to be exact, when I was sixteen years old and I fell head over heels in love with it. There seems to be this laid back way of life that seems to embody every aspect of the place. The history, the food, the language, I fell in love.

So, I took italian classes and the following year I visited Sicily for a week and fell deeper in love with the country. But, life got in the way and Italy and Italian fell out of my life.

But, I have decided to take an active approach and I have booked myself in for an Italian course this summer.

I have also returned to my love of journalism. I lost it there for a little while. But, the reason I wanted to get into Journalism was to be with people, to talk to people, about people. So, I have begun my interview series on this blog called “Paige’s People” and it is genuinely fulfilling me and making me so happy and in love with the craft again.

Along with this, my fiction is coming along and I just cannot stop writing! It seems that I have returned to the very thing that makes me happy.

There is an anecdote in the wonderful movie “Under the Tuscan Sun” about a woman who searches for ladybugs for hours and never finds one. So, she falls asleep and she is covered in them! Morale of the story is don’t go seeking happiness. Do the things that make you happy and the happiness will come.

So, that is what I plan to do and I feel refreshed and vitalised.

Let me know what things make you truly happy!
Until next time,
Stay Peachy,
Paige xx

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