How I Deal with Stress

So, this week has been a tricky one. One of those weeks where you feel like everything is crumbling, like you can’t do anything right. From having a very strange dating experience, which left me feeling very down, to my peaches exploding in my tote! I know it is on brand, but not ideal.

I can admit that I am good at many things, but dealing with stress is not one of them. I want to cook things, scream, cry and then repeat. But, of course, as a functional human being, it is not acceptable to do this. So I have had to develop ways to deal with my stress.

1. Call someone

Often, I really feel like ranting when I am stressing. So, to deal with this desire, I call one of my besties, or my mum, to cry to them. It is an old saying - but they are always the best - a problem shared is a problem halved.

2. Take a moment

I found myself having a moment in the office. Now, this is not an appropriate time to whip out your phone. But it is 100 percent okay to take a moment to do some breathing exercises and at least calm your body, if not a mind.

3. Meditation

When I took a moment in the office this week, I decided to do a guided meditation. I have never been one for meditation, thinking it was for men with ponytails called Jeff. But, I have never had a meditation work like this before. Here is the video: it had me almost crying with relief. When she says “everything is going to be okay” I genuinely believe her. They are professionals for a reason! I now have my headspace app on my phone and am using it regularly!

4. Rationalise

Now, I know this sounds patronising. But, I find it so helpful to sit back and think of how big the stress is in my life. And every time that I do this, I feel better. Yeah the date wasn’t great, but I will find someone. Yeah my peaches spilt, but it will dry and I still have the peaches to enjoy! And in the grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter. It is such a hard skill to harness. But once you have, you will be able to use it in the most amazing ways!

So those are some of the ways I deal with stress. Let me know how you deal with stress!
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Until next time,
Stay peachy,
Paige xx

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