Celebrating the Little Things

So, we’re winding down to the end of the academic year and there have been some real lows. Nights where I haven’t slept, lectures where I’ve cried with other students, moments where I didn’t feel I had anything to celebrate. 

But now that I look back, there were so many moments that I am proud of. So many articles that I have been praised for, so many opportunities that I was afraid of but still took. And at this point, I can look back on the year and be truly proud, even of the little things.

I think that in this day and age, there is some kind of shame in celebrating your own successes. There is this kind of forced modesty that is admired among people of my generation. But I’m here to say FORGET THAT! It’s time to celebrate the little accomplishments that we never celebrate.

You kept yourself hydrated? Congratulate yourself. You packed lunch for the whole week? Congratulate yourself. You got praised for a piece of work that you did? You go ahead and congratulate yourself.

But it’s not just about us. When we see our friends doing little things that make us proud, we should say. Your friend has kept on top of their coursework? Make them dinner. They’ve taken time to relax, whilst keeping up with their work? Tell them you are proud.

Life is not just about the big accomplishments. Sometimes it’s not the big things, it’s the fact that you have eaten healthy for a week, or managed to moisturize your legs before bed. Promotions and great grades are wonderful, but they don’t come along nearly as often as the little things that made you smile and think Yeah, I’m glad I did that.

So, I challenge you to praise yourself and your friends for the little things you do that make you proud; and begin to recognise them as accomplishments to take a step forward to a more fulfilling life.
Let me know the little things that you are proud of!

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