It's time to take a Productive Break!

It is getting to that point in the year when deadlines and work seems to be taking over our lives. It seems that all of us ever want to do is take a legitimate break. But, if you’re anything like me, taking a break feels more like giving up. I feel idle, lazy. But, I cannot burn myself out. So I have come up with some ways to take a productive break. So that you can relax, without feeling lazy!

1. Bake or cook

There is nothing quite as therapeutic as the smell of freshly baked bread, or a handmade pizza. And the best thing about cooking is that you are still being productive, by feeding yourself and there is a strange sense of accomplishment when you bake or cook something from scratch.

2. Wash your hair

Now, this one might seem strange. But with late night deadlines and early starts, the can of dry shampoo can become your best friend. So, taking some time out to really wash your hair and blow dry it can be a really soothing activity. And it means that you don’t have to put your hair up in a bun for another day.

3. Read some fiction

Whether it’s a novel, a short story, or even some fanfiction, reading something that is not related to your work in any way is an amazing way to keep your brain active, while relaxing. I find that some of my best zen time is when I find myself truly immersed in a story and lose sense of time, allowing my brain to wander and truly relax.

4. Watch some comedy

This might seem like a strange one, but laughter really does make any day better. And if you are like me and like satirical, cynical comedy that takes a little time to unpack, then you will find this both relaxing and productive, as your brain is still engaged with the material. Some of the best comedians I have found for this are Simon Amstell and Dylan Moran.

5. Get your ZZZs
Sometimes we are so burnt out that the best thing to do is to allow our brains to recoup and regenerate. Sleeping is one of the best ways to relax your mind. Sometimes, you are just not in the space to do work and that is okay and taking a rest, whether this is by taking a nap or getting an early night will do a world of good.

I have found these ways of relaxing far more effective for me than binge watching netflix. However, there is a time and place for such things and the key is to know when each technique will work for you.
I want to know what ways you guys relax! Let me know!

Thank you for letting me have a little break this week. It was much needed.

Until next time,
Stay Peachy,
Paige xx

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