I'm a Creative, Get me out of here!

Being a creative is a wonderful thing. You view the world differently, and you have skill that is unique to you. You have passion and the ability to create! Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? But, it is not always a walk in the park. Sometimes you feel like you are stranded in the jungle, alone.

I have found myself there lately. Not knowing where my life was heading or what I wanted to do. It is scary, and it is something that almost every creative person will go through.

Along with this, the prospect of working in a non-creative job terrifies us creatives. One of the best things about pursuing a creative career is so that you can do what you love, and I don’t know if I’ve ever met someone who truly loves retail.

So, it is easy for this tropical paradise to become you, in the middle of the jungle, chomping on some kangaroo testicles (metaphorically, of course).

There is a part of your mind that wonders if you should have taken a less creative path in life. You could have done it on the side. Then, you would have a stable career plan.

But, people love your work, and you know you are good. But are you good enough? There will always be someone better than you. You end up hating them, giving them a ridiculous name and a pastel coloured beret.

It all becomes a competition. You resent other creators, when you should be admiring and helping them. You don’t know why you ever did this and you feel you've lost that thing, that gift that you had and you feel the jungle getting bigger and scarier and then one day, it happens. You meet someone, or write a song, or draw a piece that brings you right back.

Right back to that moment when you decided to enter the jungle in the first place. You are good in the jungle. You are the only person that can do what you do in this world and the jungle needs that thing.

There is a solidarity in this breakdown that every creative has every once in a while. Because the starving artist look does not suit anybody. I think the key to surviving in the jungle together is seeing each other less as competition, and more as helpful hands.

In the end, we only get meals when we work together. And we all chew on a kangaroo testicle every now and again.

(I am sorry if you’ve never watched I’m a Celebrity. Because this probably didn’t make any sense.)

Check out the video I did on this topic!

Stay Peachy,
Paige xx

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