Feeling the Winter Blues?

So, it is almost the end of February and I awoke to snow falling like it was December. This year’s winter seems especially long in London, and one can’t help feeling down when it is so cold a dreary.

The winter blues hit a lot of us most years, but I think this year has been particularly potent, especially for me. I hadn’t realised that the cold was affecting me, until we had one day of sun and I felt like a revived sun fairy.

Once I realised I had been feeling this way, I noticed habits that I had that were meant to help, but in fact just hindered and it forced me to change my behaviour. So, here are some tips I have for feeling a little better on these seemingly never ending winter days.

1. Healthy comfort eating is the best comfort eating!

Throughout this winter, I was eating - for lack of a better word - crap. Pizzas, burgers, anything that was warm and filling that I could get my hands on. And it made me feel good, for the minute. It wasn’t until I was sat, eating a 15 inch pizza and deep fried oreos that I realised that it was a real problem. I wasn't feeling full, rather just stuffed. So, I went out and bought loads of fruit and veg and decided to make only healthy comfort food. Some of my favourites are sweet potato anything, pesto pasta with mushrooms, eggs on toast. Just anything that is warm and yummy, but also good for the ol body.

2. Remember that hydration!

It might seem like you don’t need as much water because you’re not sweating. But, trust me, you do. I have been so dehydrated this winter, because I am simply forgetting to drink water. I think a good way to combat this is to keep a bottle next to your bed, or desk, or wherever you work, to ensure that you don’t forget to keep yourself watered like the pretty flower you are!

3. Movies are your friend.

This kind of weather is perfect for movie nights in. Watching endless youtube videos and vine compilations are great. But there is nothing quite like sitting down and watching a movie for 2 hours. It’s good for your attention span to be stretched once in a while. Also, you can learn so much from movies, and enjoy them with friends and popcorn, and you never even have to leave the house!

4. Going out in the cold will do you good!

I know it is awful to say, but going out in the cold will actually do you a lot of good. One of the best feelings of winter is being out in the cold all day and then coming home to a warm room. Even if it’s only to be able to back home, going out in the cold can be refreshing and invigorating, so long as you always layer up!

5. Remember that summer is coming.

It might not feel like it, but soon, all of the snow will melt away and we will be gifted with sunshine and flowers and all of the delights that spring and summer have to offer. I have no doubt that I shall be making a post in six months, wishing for the cold again, it’s just how we are in the UK. But, there is something so comforting about those warm days, sat out on the grass, and they will come. All that we have to do is enjoy the winter while it’s here, or at least survive it, because, in a Game of Thrones paradox, Summer is Coming.

I hope these tips helped you guys. I am starting to really look after myself this winter, and I’ve decided that I’m going to enjoy the snow and the… well just the snow really, with a hot chocolate in my hand, and my summer dresses still pushed to the back of my wardrobe.

How do you combat the winter blues? Let me know!

Until next time,
Stay Peachy,
Paige xx

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