Be your own Valentine!

It’s that time again: Valentine's Day. In years previous, heart shaped chocolate and roses made me nauseous and lonely. However, this year, I am following the words of Mumma Ru:? If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else!

I think Valentine's day is a time where single people are really left out. Pushed out of the way by couple pictures and love poems plastered over social media. But I say enough! This year, I am acknowledging us single people and buying myself a box of chocolates and being my own valentine.

The key to being your own valentine is realising that you are not lesser for being single. You are not half of a whole, you ARE the whole. Self love is so overlooked on valentines day, but I think it should be the most celebrated form of love, because it is the basis for all other kinds of love, including the romantic that is so popular on this holiday.

But apart from self love, there are other forms of love that we should be celebrating this Feb 14th. Love for your parents, your friends. Even if you are in a relationship, these forms of love are necessary for a happy life, and should be celebrated.

So, this year, send your Mum a text, telling her how much you love her. Give your friend some chocolates, and definitely spend some time treating yourself. Whether you are having a bubble bath or spending the day with Ben and Jerry. It is never selfish to love yourself, and this valentines day, we should celebrate our self love, just as much as our relationships!

Let me know how you are going to show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day!

Until next time
Stay peachy,
Paige x

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