My Thoughts on "Reign"


So, the last episode of the CW’s Reign aired last June, and with my new Netflix subscription, I thought I would give it a go. Now, 78 episodes later, here is my response to the series and its ending.

1. Everyone should know about Adelaide Kane
Kane is definitely the star of this show. Her beauty, along with her outstanding talent makes her character one that I could have watched for another four seasons. As well as being a wonderful actress, she is also a very likeable person, even with a personal youtube channel, that you can find here.

But, as well as Kane, the CW show is brilliantly cast. With Megan Follows playing an evil, yet loveable Catherine De Medici and Craig Parker as the handsome, yet deadly Narcisse, the show is chocked full of talented actors and they have obvious chemistry with one another, which keeps the show enjoyable, even after 50 episodes.

2. The costumes are stunning
Especially in the first two seasons, the costumes were a beautiful blend of period and modern, with intricate laces and dress designs for the women, and leather matched with baroque styles for the men. Especially Mary’s women’s dresses were eye catching in the first few seasons. However, after the third season, the costumes became a little too period, and lost their avant garde flair.

3. The music is cleverly chosen
I have found myself with a Reign playlist on my spotify. The music is chosen well, using modern folk music to add vibrance to the show. I think that at many moments, including even the final scene of the show, the music enhanced the emotion of the acting and the writing.

4. Some loose ends
Now, I must admit that I am not very happy with the ending. Of course, it being a historical drama, it has to include certain factors, but so many storylines have been left open. We never heard from Kenna, from seasons ago. However, the main issue I have is in French court. We never had any kind of closure concerning Catherine and Narcisse, with the witch. We also never found out who ended up on the throne, Charles or Henry. We never found out about Claude and her husband, or who Laith was marrying. Also, Bash disappeared to become and Pagan and was never heard from again, bar one profecy and we never heard from Nostradamus again. In Scotland, we never found out what happened to Knox and the other men, and we never found out what happened between Greer and James. Also, did anyone wonder what happened to her brothel? All in all, there were a few unanswered questions that left me feeling a little bitter after the last episode.

Despite my thoughts about the end of the show, I thoroughly enjoyed Reign, finishing it rather quickly, due to some serious binge watching. I would recommend this show to anyone who loves period drama, or any of the other CW programmes, such as The Vampire Diaries. I am now on the hunt for my next show to watch. Please comment any recommendations you have for me.

Until next time,
Stay Peachy
Paige x

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