Knowing your Self Worth

I’ve been going through a small rough patch lately. I have found myself settling for situations that I am not completely comfortable with. Whether this be physically, emotionally, or mentally. I have found myself settling because I believe it is all I deserve.

This is not true.

It took being in a really bad place, with someone I knew wasn’t right to make me realise that I deserve so much more. I had to sit down with myself and really think about who I am and who I am looking to surround myself with in my life.

I am an author, a journalist; I am the owner of this website, and a youtube channel. I co-host a podcast and I am always seeking opportunities to further my career. So, I am driven, and am forever on this pursuit of knowledge. This led me to understand that I want to surround myself with people who are motivated and interested in knowledge and education. This was a big step, as in the past, I have settled for friends and potential romantic partners who do not match, or surpass me in these areas, and I was settling.

Next, I thought past my professional self, to my personal self. I am a loyal person, I always have been. The people I love, I love hard. I go out of my way to ensure that my friends know how much I love them and how important they are in my life. This also translates into my love life. If I see potential in someone, I will do the most to ensure that they know I am dedicating my time to them.

However, this only works if both partners are making the same effort. Often, I have found, especially in my love life, that men do not put in as much effort as I do, and past that, do not appreciate the effort I put in. So, this led me to make the decision to only keep the people in my life that I can feel putting in as much effort as I am, so that I don’t feel used.

I am also a very adventurous person. So I need people around me that will encourage me to take new opportunities and gain new experiences. I don’t want to have relationships or friendships where all we ever do is “chill”. Chilling is great, but I need people who understand that every now and again, I need to leave the four walls of my room and go out into the world and try new things.

After this sit down, I realised that for too long I have settled for less than I am worth. I have taken every date or every friend because it is all I can get. But that is not true. Patience is a virtue, and one that I am working on. I am willing to wait for the smart, ambitious guy I am looking for. I am surrounded by ambitious, driven people, who encourage me and make me feel loved, and if someone wants to enter my life, they need to prove that they can prove their worth to me, just as I prove mine to them.

I really think that this method of recognising my worth and then demanding it from others has made me turn a corner in my life. I refuse to settle for being the one who tries the hardest or loves the most and just because I have a little jiggle doesn’t mean that I can’t have the intelligent, driven man of my dreams, or friends who truly support and love me, because how I look does not define my worth.

I highly recommend you making a list similar to mine, and recognising your worth. We all settle too much, keep relationships and friendships that we don’t want, out of duty. I’m done with that, and you should be too. It’s time that we recognised our worth and demanded it from those around us. Because we deserve no less.

Until next time,
Stay Peachy,
Paige x

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