A Ghostbuster Changed my Love Life

So, recently I’ve been having a little bit of trouble knowing what I want from a man. I get messages on social media and dating apps, but I’m never really compelled to reply, no matter how attractive the person is.

Along with this, for the first time in my life, I haven’t thought life would be better with a boyfriend. But, it went past this and I started thinking that I really didn’t want to date.

The harsh pendulum of my love life had swung the other way, I didn’t want a man at all, and I didn’t know what to do, or what I was looking for, or who I was going to call (sorry for the awful pun).
Now enter the Ghost Buster.

Ernie Hudson was a member of the original Ghostbuster movies. However, it was not here that I first discovered him.

In the Netflix original Grace and Frankie, Hudson plays the infamous “yam man” Jacob. It was here where I first saw Hudson. He played an intellectual farmer who was willing to wait for his love interest to be ready for him, and did I mention he is gorgeous?

It was like crush at first sight. It seemed slightly inappropriate when I discovered that he was 72. But, trust me when I tell you, he does not look 72.

Suddenly, I knew what I wanted: intelligence. I wanted a man who was an expert on something, even if it was yams. It wasn’t the topic of his knowledge that impressed me, it was the character’s knowledge in general.

So, I looked at the men who were messaging such impressive odes as “wargwarn, b?” and “you’re fit” and suddenly it made sense. I needed someone who I could converse with about my life and interests, someone who I could learn from.

I put this in my profile, that I wanted an intellectual to learn from. It might have been snobbish, but I thought it might work. And then, without fail, I would get at least one message a day sounding a little like this: “I can teach you everything you need to know” or “What do you want to learn from me, sexy?” It didn’t work. But what it did tell me was that the guys I was looking for, the Ghostbusters and Yam Men were not on these apps.

In the end, I quit them. There was no point wasting my time on them if the men I wanted weren’t on them.

So, this is a thank you to Ernie Hudson. Your Yam Man character brought my interest in men back to life and directed me to who I was looking for. You saved me countless hours on dating apps and for that I am grateful.
And yes, I have seen the 4th series of Grace and Frankie, let me know if you want to hear my thoughts on it.

Tell me if there was a character who changed your love life!
Until next time,
Stay peachy,
Paige x

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