January Favourites 2018

The first month in 2018 is over, and it’s safe to say it was a wild one. I picked up a few new favourite products throughout this month, from perfumes to playlists.

It has been wet and cold in London this January. So I have been having to take extra measures to moisturize my skin. I have dry/combo skin, so I can reach critical levels of flakiness in the winter. I picked up this tissue mask in Superdrug for £2! It is as wet as most tissue masks, but doesn’t drip like others I have tried. The tissue is thick and doesn’t peel off the face. It has a light, fresh scent and leaves my face smooth and nourished. It even helped with some pimples I was having problems with! Definitely check out this line in Superdrug while it’s on offer.

This playlist by paulcanavan9 has been rocking my world recently. It has the thick, buttery sounds of the 60s that I love. My favourite picks from the playlist are:

When a Man loves a Woman by Percy Sledge
Bernadette by The Four Tops
Try a Little Tenderness by Otis ReddingThe best thing to do with this playlist is to play the radio and enjoy the soulful vintage vibes in the background of whatever you’re doing. It’s easy listening, at its finest. You can check it out here.

Candles have got to be one of my favourite home items. Their scent and look add so much to a room. This winter I finished Yankee Candle's Macaron Treats (left) which is my favourite food scent from Yankee. It is warm and sweet, without being too sugary or overbearing. It fills the room with a warm, rich scent.

This year, I have been burning Egyptian Musk (right), which is also from Yankee Candle. This scent is far more subtle and difficult to describe. It is musky - as the name suggests - but it has a warm sweetness to it. It smells clean, without the sugary notes that are in Macaron Treats. I think it is great to have them one after the other, because they have similar base notes, but different overall scents, one more sugary than the other. Let me know which scent I should try next!

Maya Angelou is one of those authors who I can’t help but love. She lived life so fully, and so passionately, that her work pulls you in. I find I read Maya when I’m struggling with a certain area of my life. I have had some boy issues this month and The Heart of a Woman has really been helping me through those issues and inspiring me to be an interesting and motivated woman, without a man.

Gucci Bloom has been rocking my world this month. I begged my Mum for it this Christmas and she delivered. It has a classic, elegant, floral smell that deepens with wear, becoming warmer as it melts into the skin. It is the kind of scent I could imagine Marilyn Monroe sporting, back in the day. It has that simple, chic vibe about it that puts it up there with such classics as Chanel No5. It has a pretty hefty price tag. But it’s wear makes it worth every penny in my eyes, especially as a scent for special occasions.

My show of the month has been Netflix’s Grace and Frankie. I binge watched the first 3 seasons, before watching the fourth in one day. You can check out my review of the fourth season here.

Grace and Frankie is one of those timeless shows that could go on for seasons and seasons and people would still be in love with it. The dynamic between Grace and Frankie is so entertaining and intriguing and the comedy is light yet hard hitting on areas. It also opens up a dialogue of women still having interesting lives after the age of 50, which has been seriously lacking from the market. I am counting down the days until the next season, even if there will be no Yam Man.

My final favourite are my new nails! I cracked and got a set of acrylics. I haven't had them in years, but they have a way of making me feel so pretty. I was in the shop with my friend, who was getting hers done and I couldn’t resist. It took me ages to pick this colour, so I am already thinking about I’m going to have next time I think I’m going to go for matte black!

So, those were my favourites this month. I am going to do a post soon, with all of my favourite veggie foods, so look out for that one! February is going to be all about work. So, no doubt my favourites will be coffee and Instagram. Let me know what your favourites are this month.

Also, check out my video on my January Favourites!

I’ve decided that I’m definitely going to be doing weekly posts on Mondays from now on. So, come back next Monday for a new post.

Until then,
Stay peachy
Paige xx

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