Why I've Gone Veggie

I always thought of myself as a meat eater, and ironically, it always seemed to be quite a large part of my personality. Nandos was a must-have and meat feast pizzas were my go to. But, here we are. I have been veggie for the best part of a month, and I want to share with you why.
In the past, I have validated my meat eating with such thoughts as the animals wouldn’t be bred if they aren’t going to be eaten and well, how much can one person really do? I know they are flaky at best, but they helped me sleep at night.
I had never even considered going veggie until I watched a documentary one day. What the Health by Kip Anderson completely changed my opinion on meat eating. It shifted the significance away from the animals themselves and onto personal health.

Like most, I am always looking for ways to become healthier. But, I had never considered cutting meat out of my diet. Because surely, as humans, we need meat to be healthy? But this wasn’t the case put forward my Anderson. His film suggested that eating meat was actually making us ill, and depleting our health, with meat eating being one of the main causes of diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

This got the ball rolling for me. I live with two veggies so I asked them everything I could. They gave me advice, suggested I eased myself in. But after I watched that film, I didn’t want to touch another chicken breast.

So I went cold turkey (excuse the pun) I bought more veggies than I had in a year and started cooking with my veggie friends. I thought I’ll give it a go, and if it doesn’t suit me, I’ll go back to eating meat. But it wasn’t that easy. I now had the knowledge that meat was awful for my health, how could I go back?

There was one last piece of the puzzle. My veggie friends wanted me to know what really goes on in the meat industry, to link the animals with the meat, and not just make this about my health.

So, we sat down and watched a lecture on going vegan. I knew I wasn't going to go vegan, but even before going veggie, I had swapped cow’s milk for almond milk, because I knew that cow milk contained puss and that made me feel sick.

It seemed so strange, that it was all making sense to me. It clicked and I thought that maybe it would be better if we had less cows and pigs, because they wouldn’t be bred for slaughter. Perhaps a world without cows and pigs altogether would be better than having the meat industry as it is now.

So, I was sold, veggie was the only way for me to go. I had to do it for my health, and I had to do it to stick two fingers up to the meat industry.

I am shocked and proud to say that I haven’t been tempted once. I went for thanksgiving dinner and skipped the turkey, piling up on potatoes and veggies. I am actually looking forward to Christmas dinner more now that I am having a delicious veggie option.

What I cannot believe is how much better I feel! My skin is clearing up, my moods are less erratic and my body feels clean. I genuinely believe that this is how humans were made to eat, just as our closest relatives, the monkeys do. And, as for protein, I am actually getting the amount I need now, compared to the massive amount I was getting whilst eating meat.

So, that is my journey into becoming veggie. Go and check out Andersons’ movie What the Health, it’s on Netflix. And I’m planning on coming back and showing you some of my favourite veggie meals, so stay tuned for that.

Until next time,
Stay Peachy,

Paige xx

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