"The Fault in Our Stars" Book Review

So, once again, I am many years late to a craze. John Green’s The Fault in our Stars came out in 2012 and took the world by storm, with everyone and their Mother claiming everything in their life was a metaphor.

Once again, I didn’t believe the hype. The book seemed wildly pretentious to me, complicated for complicated sake. But, it intrigued me, John Green intrigued me. With the mass hype around Looking for Alaska, which I never truly understood and then the massive popularity around The Fault in our Stars, he was obviously doing something right.

So, I bought the book, and then I returned the book. I did this time and time again, until my Mother gifted me the book. I am glad she did, else I would have been stuck in this cycle of buying and returning this book.

But what did I actually think of it? I liked it. It was a good book and I very much enjoyed reading it. But, it has not left a mark on me. It is not one of those books that will forever hold a place in my heart and soul. It was just a good book.

I have to admit, that I think I was kind of right on this one. I do think that the book is a little pretentious. I found myself rolling my eyes at various moments in the book, thinking was that really necessary, John?

I think if I knew Hazel in real life, I would like her, but find her very irritating. She looks down on others and is a little pretentious. Augustus is slightly less so, but still, wordy for wordy sake.

But, the writing is beautiful and very powerful, and I think that is one of the reasons that I enjoyed the book. Another was how realistic it was. The characters were not perfectly likeable and things didn’t always go as we would want them to.

I think that John Green usually writes in this very realistic style, and I think that is why so many people love him, because he gives them reality, no matter how painful or brutal it might be.

I thought a book about two kids with cancer was really going to get to me and make me cry the way that Me Before You did. But alas, no tears, nothing. It was sad, but it just didn’t hit me in the same way that other books have.

I think I will have to read more of Green’s work to decide if I like him or not. He is obviously a very intelligent man, and I enjoyed his book. But I am not sure that he is my favourite author of all time.

I’ll be back with more thoughts on more John Green novels soon. But, until then tell me: what did you think of The Fault in Our Stars?

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