Jojo Moyes' "After You" Review

So, I am back again. Moving to Uni and the week of partying that followed has taken up most of my time. But I shall speak about that in another post. Amidst everything, I managed to get through JoJo Moyes’ second novel in the Me Before You series: After You.

I had read mixed reviews about the book, some people hailing it a wonderful sequel and some condemning it as a flop. The first book was so enchanting that I had to give its younger sibling a fair chance.

If you would like to read my review of the first book in the series: Me Before You, then here is the link:

Unlike the first book in the series, After You took me a long old time to get through. I never felt truly hooked, as I had with the first book.

Lou is a wonderful character, but her attitude in this book was draining. I understand grief, but come on! It seemed that we would take one step forward and then two back. Now, I understand that this might be an accurate portrayal of loss, but it was mighty hard to get enthusiastic about.

Lilly was a tricky character also. Her plot around the photograph was interesting, but I did feel that she was a stereotypical teen, rebellious, anti-authority. She was sweet, but I just could get fully behind her.

Sam was very much the same. He is nice, and the mistaken identity was rather funny, but he just isn’t Will. I don’t know if that was Moye’s intention, but there was no sarcy comments, no teary moments. Even the drama at the end of the book left me wanting more from the drama.

I have thought about it for a while and I think that Me Before You should have been a stand alone book. It was so emotional and groundbreaking that nothing that came after it was going to be as good.

I know that Moyes is releasing a third book early next year and I shall also read that in hopes that some more Nathan will help the situation. I warmed to Sam a little more near the end of the novel, so I am excited to see how his relationship with Lou continues and I am hoping that the title: Still Me suggests that we will have some more of the old Lou back, all crazy outfits and foul mouth.

Overall,  I left this book satisfied, but it was no match for its predecessor.

But, tell me, what did you think of After You? Shall you be reading Still Me? Let me know!

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