10 Thoughts on Victoria: Season 2 Episode 2 - The Green Eyed Monster

So, I managed to watch the newest episode of ITV’s Victoria with my Mother (another Victoria lover) and we both agreed that this season is falling a little flat compared to its predecessor. It seems, that in every episode, we have Victoria and Albert fighting over power and then a peace at the end, which is broken by a fight in the next episode. But, despite my moaning, I have both good and bad thoughts on this episode and here they are.

1. Daddy asking for money.

So not only is Albert’s Father asking for a Grandson, he is now asking for money for Coburg. I dislike this character massively, but I think that that is the idea. He is supposed to be insufferable. I think that he brings out the worst in Leopold also, with their lecherous glances at the ballerinas. I feel sympathy with Albert on this issue. He wants to help his Father, but he knows that the money will be spent on things other than the roof.

2. Skerrett growing a backbone.

It seems that Nancy is coming out of her shell with her new position. She is taking on Mr Penge and meeting him as an equal. As for Francatelli, I was worried in the last episode that he might dislike Nancy forever. But, the look that he gave her in this episode suggests that the love is not all gone. I think his pride is wounded, and his ego is shot. But that does not mean that a love cannot grow.

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3. Lovelace is getting in the way.

Now, this was just trouble waiting to happen. A talented, confident young woman charming Prince Albert and stimulating him in a way that Victoria knows she can’t. That awkward scene with pie made me both laugh and cringe, for why would a Queen need to know about pi? Lovelace being Byron’s daughter was not a help either. With her Father being such an infamous seduction artist, it would be natural to think that his daughter would be so too.

4. Lord M is back!

Rufus Sewell was a sight for sore eyes. I can understand why Victoria would invite him. Albert was spending all of his time with Lovelace, so she needed someone who would entertain her. In another life, I think that Melbourne and Victoria would be very well suited. But alas, it was not meant to be, or maybe it was, but the system got in the way. No matter what it is, I love that Lord Melbourne is back on the scene.

5. The Queen is with another child.

It seems that Victoria is very fertile indeed. Only weeks, maybe a few months after having her first child, she is pregnant again. I can understand her frustration, not wanting to go through the discomfort and the pain of having another child. But past that, she does not want to be seen as a broodmare. But if she becomes pregnant so quickly, then how will she ever be able to do any work? With people wanting to do everything for her.

6. A marriage in trouble.

It seems that Victoria and Albert are not having a trouble less marriage. He constantly wants to rebel and have his own life, whereas she wants things to go back to the way they were before they had children. They have gone past the honeymoon phase and things are hard. I feel sorry for Brodie, having to run between the two of them to deliver messages. But it seems that something is not right with the marriage, something that keeps allowing them to fall out over small things.

7. “She has gone to Brocket Hall”

I do not think that going to Brocket Hall was the best idea for Victoria. Albert is already angry that she invited Lord M to the party, so going to him for the day probably ruffled a few feathers. But Albert was being especially difficult in this episode and I do not blame Victoria for wanting advice from a friend. Part of me wishes that things could go back to the way they were, when it was just Lord Melbourne and Victoria. But with his illness, I know they never shall.

8. Someone is stealing.

This was a confusing plotline. Poor Miss Cleary, thinking that it was ghosts wreaking havoc. I hope that the man gets punished for what he did. But, moreso, I hope that Mr Penge gets punished for not dealing with it sooner. He stole Madeira, cheese, linens, how did he not go unseen?

9. Potential gay plot.

Now this is what I like to see: the normalisation of gay characters in period dramas. Lord Alfred and Drummond are two young, attractive men and their romance would not surprise me. The scene with the tinderbox (tinder, eh?) was a subtle nod towards a potential romantic plot between the two characters.

10. Making up, again.

This cannot continue. I do not know how many episodes I can watch with Victoria and Albert fighting and then making up at the end of the episode. I would rather they had a really good row, that lasted more than one episode and then made up for longer than ten minutes. It has become predictable, the plot, especially between Victoria and Albert. I just hope that the writers understand that their viewers need more than constant conflict and oversimplified solutions.

So, I think this might be my first, slightly negative review of an episode of Victoria. I am a little disappointed with the beginning of this series, I must admit, and I hope that the plot becomes more interesting, and not just Victoria moaning about being pregnant. We have already had that and I do not want any de ja vu.

But tell me, what are your thoughts on the new season of Victoria?

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