10 Thoughts on Victoria: Season 2 Episode 1 - A Soldier’s Daughter

So here we are, back again, far sooner than I had expected. This review is a little late because, of course, the new season release of my favourite show had to be released while I was out of the country. But I am back now, and the first thing I did was download the first episode and get my handy notepad and pencil out. So here we go. My 10 thoughts on the first episode of the new series of ITV’s Victoria.

1. Queen in a chair.

It does not surprise me that Victoria was in an archaic looking wheelchair at the beginning of the episode. A new mother, and a Queen at that, would be protected like a rare stone, to be handled with care. But, as per usual, Victoria does not wanted to be handled with care. She has done her wifely duties and wants to head back to work. I think the best case scenario would have been a happy compromise. You don’t have to sit in the chair, but you can’t go riding for another 2 weeks. Or something of the like. But I am glad to see that Victoria still has her fighting spirit.

2. “God had nothing to do with it.”

It is so refreshing to see such a sentiment expressed in a show set in a time where God had his fingers in every pie. The idea that a new mother would have to go and be cleansed before entering society seems like complete nonesense. There is no sin in giving birth. But I do believe that there were all sorts of weird and not so wonderful things happening in the church at the time.

3. Problems with the Chef and problems with a new Lady.

I love it whenever Mr Penge has to take a stand against someone downstairs and the showdown between him and the new cook was golden. It is obvious that he does not have the same flare of Mr Francatelli, and that he is not quite suited to feed the Queen.

As for the new Lady of the Robes, what can I say? She is far older than all of the other ladies, and with that she is more traditional, as is to be expected. I do not think that she will last long, with her criticisms of Victoria and her bad attitude.

4. Replacing Mrs Jenkins.

Now this was a curveball for me. I have begun a Francatelli/Skerrett fanfiction and this was in no way how I saw Miss Skerrett’s progressing. Where is Mrs Jenkins? Has she gotten married? Will we ever find out? I sincerely hope so. Skerrett is such a wonderful character. She is just a girl, trying not to get hurt. But it seems that no matter what she does, she will fail and end up hurt regardless. At least she has the mild approval of Penge, eh?

5. Going behind the back of the Queen.

I knew, the minute that Albert and Peele were discussing affairs without Victoria, that we were going to have a problem. If there is one thing that Victoria hates, it is being powerless. I can understand where Albert was coming from, but surely he must know his wife better than that? The fight brought up old wounds in the shape of Lord M, and we saw the separation of the couple for the first time since their marriage began. I think it is healthy, for couples to spat every now and again, but I do hope that we achieve some sort of peace, where Albert and Victoria are concerned.

6. Did you like them?

This is the first time we see Victoria with Victoria (that is going to get confusing) and it seems that Motherhood is not all that Victoria thought it would be. It was wonderful, seeing Harriet and Victoria alone, as their friendship is not one that we have seen much of. It was always reported that Victoria was not overly attached to her children, and I am glad that ITV is following this account.

7. The return of the Coburgs.

Whenever Leopold shows his face, I just love it and we cannot forget Ernest, who is such a wonderful character. Albert’s Father is not the most tactful in the world, but they brought a dog, so it is all good. I am glad that Leopold is sticking around, but it pained me to see Harriet introducing Ernest to her husband, he most definitely saw how little she was appreciated and I am sure that this fanned the flames of love. I hope that both Leopold and Ernest stick around for the rest of the season.

8. Francatelli is not so sweet.

As I mentioned, I have begun a Mr Francatelli/Skerrett fanfiction and you can check that out here:

I will give you a spoiler: it is sweeter than it goes down in the series.

I am not entirely sure what is going on with Charles and Nancy. It is obvious that she still cares about him and that she wants him, but his pride is wounded. His bitter remarks suggests that some part of him still cares. I hope that, over the next few episodes, we see the cold nature of Charles fall away as he encounters Mrs Skerrett more and more.

9. The horrors of war.

This episode introduced some of the serious military ventures that occurred during Victoria’s reign. It seems that only Wellington will tell her the full truth, which everyone else doesn't seem to understand is exactly what she wants. They failed in Kabul, but one failure does not lose a war. I was glad that Victoria stood up and attempted to boost the morale of the people. That is the job of a monarch. And the scene with the wounded soldier got to me, showing the aftermath of war that Queen would not have seen all that often.

10. All’s fair in love and war.

It seems that no matter what is thrown at Victoria, or Victoria and Albert’s marriage, they can withstand it. I am looking forward to more lovey dovey scenes involving the two and more defiant moments for the Queen, which no doubt will happen. I am guessing that with all of their intimate time, that Victoria will be pregnant again and then we will have to deal with all of that again, hopefully the creators of the show will do something different with this pregnancy storyline.

Overall, I really enjoyed the episode. it was beautiful and the music was still stylistic. We had returning ships, such as Harriet and Ernest and Francatelli and Skerrett. I have read reviews that it as an underwhelming start of the season and I am of the mind to disagree, but I can understand the arguments for that opinion.

Nevertheless, I am excited for what this season will bring! Tell me, did you enjoy the first episode? What do you hope is going to happen in this series? Tell me in the comments.

Until next time,
Stay peachy,

Paige x

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