10 Thoughts on Victoria: Episode 8 - Young England

So here we are, it is the last episode of the first season and I am going to be deprived of Albert and Victoria for weeks! It goes without saying that I shall be bringing you reviews of all of the new episodes of season 2. But until then, here are my 10 thoughts on the eighth episode of ITV’s Victoria.

1. Pregnant and alone.

It is evident that Victoria does not like being pregnant. And due to the lack of medication back then, I don’t think I would either. Not only does she have the overbearing fear that she could die during childbirth. But she also has the looming realisation that her entire life is going to change. However much the Duchess or Albert or Lezhen say that they are doing their part, at the end of the day, Victoria is alone in this. She is the one carrying the child and she is the one who must give birth. Whilst Albert is out riding, she is inside sweating and having to take lozenges. I think that she is already dealing with the potential jealousy that she will feel towards the child. It is obvious that she is besotted with Albert and anyone else taking his attention away from her is not a welcome idea, I do not think. We shall have to wait and see how she reacts to Motherhood.

2. Duke of Cumberland sniffing around again.

This truly is a character that I hate. But that means that the actor is doing a very good job. It is obvious how much Victoria dislikes her uncle and every time that he and Leopold interacted in this episode was golden. Leopold is so sassy, I cannot get enough of him! It seems that the King of Hanover is tactlessness incarnate. He is not shy of mentioning the potential death of the Queen, in front of the Queen and his words are frank, to say the least. Good on Victoria for standing up to him. She truly is a better Monarch than he will ever be.

3. Ernest is back!

Oh, how I love Ernest! His character development in half of a season is extraordinary. He went from being the cheeky, sleazy Brother, who would visit brothels every night, to a caring, passionate man who is suffering due to his love of a married woman. I love how he manages to balance out his time with Harriet and Albert. However, it seems that Albert does not need him so much anymore, so that makes more time for the Duchess. It is sweet that he asked for a lock of her hair, so unlike the Ernest that we came to know and love in the earlier episodes of the season. The shock on Albert’s face shows how much that Ernest has changed and this character development is heartily welcomed on my front. I cannot wait to see how his relationship with Harriet progresses next season.

4. The Queen has a fan.

I am sure that the Queen has many fans, but this Captain is far more flamboyant than most. I have to hand it to the man, he is dedicated. If he has been writing to her for years and he has not stopped, despite no response; that takes dedication. I daresay he is a fantasist, thinking that the Queen lives under the tyranny of the German Prince. When it was in fact she who proposed to him. It seems that crazed fans are not reserved for the celebrates of now, they have always been around.

5. Francatelli getting serious.

So, Skerrett and Francatelli are my new favourite couple. I have started a fanfiction for this couple if you would like to check it out: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12607837/1/Hot-Chocolate

It seems that Francatelli’s flirtation has become more serious in this episode. Asking a girl to leave the palace to start your business with you is not a decision to make lightly. I respect Mr Francatelli for wanting to have Skerrett by his side. But I can also sympathise with Skerrett, not being able to trust a man after the examples that she has been shown over the years. It is a sad fate, that Skerrett could not trust enough to go with Francatelli. But I can understand her point of view. I am not sure if I would trust a man if my cousin had been impregnated and left with a child.

6. Getting trigger happy.

This plotline was interesting, but strange to me. The supposed guilt of the King of Hanover, to the strange play where the man had found the names for the Young England society. It all seems very strange. It was made clear though, that the man was not sound of mind. It is surprising that even back then that sanity was taken into an account in a trial. A lifetime in bedlam seems an appropriate punishment for such a man. I think that Victoria was wise to go out for a ride the day after the incident happened. Albert is not used to being wrong, but hearing from Peele that Victoria was right humbled him, I believe and do not even get me started on the “You are my Queen” scene. It has fully convinced that everyone should have someone who treats them the way Albert treats Victoria.

7. Leopold and Victoria bonding over sweets.

This was one of my favourite scenes of the season. Leopold is already one of my favourite characters and seeing him open up to Victoria about the death of his wife was touching. The silent comfort that Victoria offered to him with the sharing of her sweets made me smile. I can’t help but feel sad for Leopold, losing his wife. But his adoration for Victoria and Albert and no doubt the love of their child will bring him peace.

8. Mr Francatelli is gone.

This scene broke my heart. Just as Nancy had changed her mind about Mr Francatelli, he was gone. I felt her tears, her heartache. I am dealing with their split through my fanfiction and I am hoping and crossing everything that I’ve got that they will reunite in season 2. Please TV Gods, give me this.

9. It has started.

There was some obvious tension between Penge and Mrs Jenkins at the beginning of this episode. Mrs Jenkins is very close to the Queen, so the thought that she might not make it through childbirth is obviously very distressing. However, I can also sympathise with Penge. Having to find a new position, especially when you have been doing the same job for so long, is scary. However, it seems that they managed to put their differences aside when they were told the news, taking each other’s hands. It shows how terrified they both are, for the Queen and for their own positions.

10. Albert! ALBERT!

Jenna Coleman’s acting was amazing in this scene. I really felt as if I was going through the pain with her. Her reliance on her Mother is a refreshing emotion for Victoria, after shutting her out for so long. I respect Albert in this scene. He could have lost it and started panicking. But instead, he remained calm and helped Victoria through it. I have never quite understood why people name their children after themselves, but in this situation, I think it is rather sweet. Albert is so in love with her and now that she has given birth to their child, I believe he will be even more in love.

I could say so much more about this episode, but I cannot go on forever. This was one of my favourite episodes of the season. But “The Queen’s Husband” is still my favourite episode.

I shall be back to review the first episode of the second series, which for us in the UK, will air in the autumn.

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