10 Thoughts on Victoria: Episode 7 - Engine of Change

So, this is the penultimate episode of the first series. After watching it in such a short time and falling so in love, I fear the weeks that the ITV show and I will have appart. But, it is only a short wait for us here in the UK and we have the Christmas special to look forward to. But still, I will be counting down the hours.

Here are my thoughts on the seventh episode of ITV’s Victoria.

1. The Queen is indisposed, through her mouth.

Lohlein really does have some one liners in this series and they never fail to make me laugh. But there is a very serious issue behind his remark. We begin this episode with the Queen being ill and after her contraceptive measures (jumping?) It is no surprise. But this is not all happy news. Childbirth was a difficult and risky task back in the day, when they had hardly any of the tools and drugs that are used nowadays. Far more women died through childbirth and having Charlotte’s case be so close to Victoria, I am unsurprised that she is scared.

2. Chocolate!

Francatelli has one thing right: women love chocolate and I think that might be part of the way he will win Nancy’s heart. It seems the Mr Penge has noticed the love affair beginning, but I am unsure if he approves or not. But I am very excited to see if Nany might have a career change soon.

3. Like Mother like Mother to be.

My mouth fell agape when the Duchess started feeding Victoria Brandy, for her unborn child. It is a known fact that you don’t drink alcohol whilst pregnant and based on Albert’s reaction, he knows that too. I understand that everyone has the Queen’s best interests at heart, but the Queen knows what her body wants, as the Duchess came round to acknowledging at the end of the episode.

4. “My desire for you will never fail.”

Albert is one of the most loving husbands I have seen in a period drama. His words after he found out Victoria was with child: “This is magnificent. You are magnificent.” What more could you ask for? It seems the power argument still wages on between him and Victoria, but he got a little of what he wanted by being sent North. His love for her is so passionate and unrelenting, it must be so difficult, to see your wife so afraid. As he said, he wishes that he could take the pain for her, but he can’t. So all that he can do is support her and wait.

5. Talks of regency, again.

It seems that a regency is an underlying theme in this series. It must have boosted Albert’s ego to know that he was Victoria’s first choice for a regent. However, the talk of who will rule if your wife dies must be distressing, both for Victoria and for Albert. It once again highlights how different Victoria is to ordinary women. And it was no doubt that Victoria’s uncles and the tories will have something to say about it all.

6. He is an impressive man, Albert.

It seems that however much the Tories wish to diminish and ignore Prince Albert, he keeps coming back. He has had a fine education and he is keen to learn, about anything it seems. His interest in the working man appears to intimidate the more traditional generation, but I think it is important for a member of the royal household to take an interest in the lower classes of man, making life for them more enriched in a time of poverty.

7. An unlikely friendship, or two.

It seems that Peele and Albert’s friendship is based on mutual respect and a shared interest in technology. I never thought that Sir Robert Peele was a bad man and I am glad that he has gained the friendship of Albert. The scene where they ask one another if they are only friends for advantage was important for me, because it shows that they were both as suspicious as each other, but also as genuine in their like for one another. And it seems that Peele’s friendship with Albert has helped him in securing his regency, whether he meant it to or not.

Albert does not seem to be the only one a little taken with Peele. The scene at the end of the episode, between the prime minister to be and the Queen was sweet. It is the first time that we have heard Peele laugh, but I hope that it shall not be the last.

It seems that Jenkins is going to be Lohlein’s English fairy godmother. I can not blame him for believing what the butler told him about English customs. But I am glad that Jenkins is there to set him straight and look after him. There’s is a friendship that I hope shall continue.

8. The first argument.

Things really got heated for the young couple in this episode. Albert disobeyed his wife to do something that he thought was in her best interest. But I can not allow this beetroot bashing, as it is one of my favourite vegetables. But apart from that, I agree with Albert, he has to have his hobbies in life, his interests and the railways is one and one that can help the Queen. On the other hand, I can see Victoria’s side. Albert deceived her by going on his own. But if he had not gone, I do not think she would have tried the locomotive and the joy on the Queen’s face when she did was enough to make the row worth it.

9. Being treated like a Queen.

If Skerrett does not end up with Francatelli, I am not going to be a happy camper. He is so thoughtful and attentive. I thought for a moment that he was going to suggest covering the Bomb Surprise in hot chocolate and thought I might scream. Not everything is solved with hot chocolate, Nancy! But alas, it seems that Skerrett and Francatelli make a wonderful couple and he perceives her as an equal, which was so rare at the time.

10. Two chairs at the desk.

Finally, Victoria has allowed Albert to help her and we have acquired some sort of peace in the relationship. I think that their marriage will only ever succeed if Albert feels that he has some power, some use, not just a plaything for his wife. Their dynamic is so different to the norm of the time that I find it quite fascinating for Albert to claw to get some power over his wife.

So those were my ten thoughts on this episode. I so long for Skerrett and Francatelli to be together, but I would also like to learn more about Skerrett’s past and what Mr Francatelli’s response will be.

I am excited to see how Victoria deals with the later trimesters of pregnancy (my guess is not very well) and how Albert is going to support her.

I shall be back to give you my thoughts on the final episode of this series.

Until then, tell me when the new season airs in your country and what series I should start next!

Stay peachy,
Paige x

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