10 Thoughts on Victoria: Episode 6 - The Queen’s Husband

Alas, I tried, but I could not stay away from ITV’s Victoria. I feel such loss at the lack of Lord Melbourne in this episode, but an extra serving of Albert just about made up for it. This episode was full of drama and humour, and was most definitely one of my favourites of this season.

So here are my thoughts on the sixth episode: The Queen’s Husband.

1. Can a Queen not get some privacy?

This first scene did make me laugh. It seems that everyone in the household is so used to Victoria being on her own that old habits are not dying easily. Lezhen will have to learn that she can no longer barge into the Queen’s room, unannounced. The interconnecting door that she bragged about in the earlier episodes now seems useless.

2. I sign, you blot.

Before the marriage, Victoria spoke of obeying Albert as his wife. However, it seems that Albert is taking on many of the traditional wifely duties, such as playing piano for amusement and acknowledging wedding gifts. It must be hard to feel yourself an individual if you can be summoned at any moment by your wife. I can understand if Albert feels emasculated and Victoria asking him to blot certainly does not help.

3. “Dogs wear jewellery, the pianos are out of tune and all anyone talks about is the weather.”
It seems that Albert is finding it hard to adapt to English society. I can imagine the extravagance seeming rather strange were you to come from a stout, rather minimalistic place, like Coburg. It is hard, seeing him say to the Queen that he has no place in England. I thought we were in for our first fight for the newlyweds. But alas, Victoria seems sympathetic to his struggles and I doubt they shall be buying Dash a necklace anytime soon.

4. Awful Uncles and clever plans.

I know that Lord Cumberland is only sticking to the rules, but I cannot help but want to slap him for it. It seems natural that Albert should be at Victoria’s side, as her husband. But of course, nothing involving the way things are is easily changed. Victoria was clever to appeal to Lord Cumberland’s softer side, offering his Wife a title and obviously calming any marital arguments I am sure he and his wife have had over her not being received at court. It seems if I scratch your back, you scratch mine, where the court is concerned. And the Queen appears to have the finest nails.

5. Mr Francatelli is showing his worth.

I just want to start off this point by telling you that I have found out that Ferdinand Kingsley (the man who plays Francatelli) is Ben Kingsley’s son. I feel so silly not seeing it before. Because when I look at him now, he really does look like his Father. But, anyhow, Mr Francatelli really went above the norm in this episode. If we could all have a Francatelli. I can understand Skerrett thinking that he wants something untoward from her in return for his service, but no, he only wants her name. I could not believe that when he asked her. She is a hard nut to crack, but I think that she is softening up to the Chef, and rightfully so.

6. The sausage has found a cause of his own.

However serious the scene was, I could not contain my laughter when Albert mentioned his knowledge of his being drawn as a sausage. It seems that through the Anti-Slavery society, Albert has found his cause, a position that he can occupy alone. I see that he is also gaining a better relationship with his right hand man. It seems having a wig spy is not so bad after all.

7. Jump! For my love.

I hope that you got my awful reference there. It does amuse me how people thought contraception worked back in the day. This was before the invention of condoms and the pill, so women would come up with all sorts of strange methods, that they thought prevented them from becoming pregnant. I am unsure what science was behind this. Whether they thought bouncing the egg around would not allow the sperm to reach it or what? But there is nothing quite as humorous as watching Jenna Coleman jumping up and down on a sofa. However, it is a little awkward when Albert finds her and she must explain herself. We see a side of Victoria that we have not seen before in this episode, the side who loves sex! And it is wonderful to see that Albert appears to be enjoying it as much as her, obviously not wanting to remain abstinent.

8. A married woman.

The romance between Ernest and Harriet is one that I fear is destined to fail. He is the eldest son of a rich and important family and she is a married woman of the Queen’s court, it is not going to end well. No matter how much they love each other, which I do believe they do, the risk of tarnishing their reputations is too great. I respect Albert for wanting to save his Brother. But you know what they say: absence makes the heart grow fonder. So maybe he has in fact set their romance up for more intensity, in trying to dull its fire.

9. Spoken beautifully.

As someone who get nervous at the thought of public speaking, I can understand Albert’s anxiety. He wants to make a good impression, this being his first public appearance alone since becoming the husband of the Queen. However, his speech had even Jonas welling up and gained Albert the approval of Sir Robert Peel, who I am sure shall be a powerful ally in the future. It was important for Albert to succeed in the speech, to show everyone that he is truly a Prince of the English.

10. “This was your victory, my angel. Not mine.”

I think this was a really important lesson for Victoria to learn. Albert loves his time with her, but he needs his time away, to be on his own and have his own victories. I hope that she retains this lesson and that she will allow Albert more freedom in the future. Space is a massive part of what makes a relationship work.

So those were my thoughts on this episode of Victoria. I am so glad that I am watching them now, when the second season will be beginning in the autumn, here in the UK. I am sorry, but any plans for that evening each week will have to be postponed.

I shall be back to give you my thoughts on the penultimate episode: Engine of Change.

But, until then. Please tell me what you thought of this episode and what you think of this series.

Stay peachy,

Paige x

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