10 Thoughts on Victoria: Episode 5 - An Ordinary Woman

It has been about half an hour since I finished watching the fifth episode of the ITV series. I had to take a break so that I could have a moment with my feelings. After this episode I feel I might have to buy a new box of kleenex. Words cannot convey how much I am loving this series.

So here are my thoughts on ITV’s Victoria: Episode 5 - An Ordinary Woman.

1. Being childish together.

I so loved seeing Prince Albert and Victoria playing around together. Kissing behind the sheet, running away from her Mother, teasing each other. One can soon forget that they are only twenty and that they should be allowed to be as giddily in love as any other couple.

2. Talks of allowance.

This is one of the sticky topics one must discuss when you are marrying a Queen. I can understand Albert’s want for his own life, but then again, I can understand Victoria not wanting to speak of such things before they are about the be separated. Her innocence breeds ignorance and I think that she would rather focus on the emotions than the technicalities.

3. Mistresses all round.

It seems Victoria’s eyes were opened to the way of men in this episode. I believe that she thought that most marriages involved one man and one woman and she is distressed in learning that most of the men around her, even her Father had mistresses. She has been introduced to a world of ill repute and I do not blame her for being a little self conscious on the front of Albert and Mistresses when almost every man she knows has had one.

4. Can I have a pen and paper please.

Everyone attracted to men needs a Prince Albert. He is quite the opposite of his Brother, obviously a virgin, and wanting to stay that way for Victoria. I am sure that he will never have a mistress, as he said to her “the only woman I want, will ever want, is you.” His dedication to her pleasure is humbling and heartwarming. The look on Gretchen’s face was also priceless. If only more men were so tentative. Side note: well done to Tom Hughes on his German in this episode, he made it look so easy!

5. Brotherly love.

The relationship between Ernest and Albert is one of my favourites in the show. Ernest is one of the greatest wingmen I have ever seen (shrubs, really?) And he loves Albert more than anything, I believe. The bond between Brothers is sacred and Hughes and Oates portray it beautifully.

6. Mr Penge’s romance.

The line “It is a cake.” Was one of the best this season, it had me in stitches. But we learnt so much more about Penge and his past in this episode. And we also saw a softer, more romantic side to the character that has gone unseen until this point. I enjoyed how vulnerable Penge was around the German dresser, it showed that he is not all austerity and German hating. It seems he actually has a soft spot for one German in particular. I am looking forward to seeing how their relationship progresses.

7. White wedding.

It is a well known fact that Queen Victoria is one of the reasons that we wear white wedding dresses today. So I was glad that they inserted that little scene, especially with the reactions from the Queen’s council, their outrage! I also love the theme of the wedding being unroyal in a sense. No diamonds, no flashy trimmings, just a girl, in flowers, marrying the boy she loves. I can not tell you what the swell of the theme song does to me, but it makes me reach for the tissues every time and this was no different. With Lord Melbourne carrying the sword no less! Give me a minute.

8. Goodbye, Lord Melbourne.

If I wasn’t crying before, I was wailing now. Rufus Sewell brought such life to this character that I could not stand the thought of him leaving. His final kiss with Victoria made me blubbering like a baby. Were it been another world, he could have married her and lived happily. But she is not an ordinary woman and he is not an ordinary man. Goodbye, Lord Melbourne, you served us well.

9. Hearing wedding bells for Skerrett.

I adore Mr Francatelli, but he said the wrong thing at the wrong time and you could see in his face that he knew that he had. But underneath his inopportune comments, is true feeling, I think and with his hinting of marriage to Skerrett, I hope that she can let down her walls and let him in.

10. No madeera? No madeera.

I could not have written a sweeter scene if I tried. The juxtaposition of Ernest and Albert hit me harder than I had expected. But Albert’s face when he entered the bedroom is enough to make anyone swoon. Based on historical fact, I know that Victoria enjoyed her private time alone with Albert, so I am excited to see more scenes in bed for the newly wed couple.
I think I am going to have to take a short break from the ITV series. At least a day. I can’t cope with the emotions that it is making me feel. The wedding, and Lord Melbourne and Skerrett and Mr Penge, it is too much.

So I shall be back after my day of rest, to give you my thoughts on the sixth episode in the series.

Stay peachy,

Paige x

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