10 Thoughts on Victoria: Episode 4 - A Clockwork Prince

Did you hear me scream? I am sure the whole of England did by the end of this episode. I couldn’t contain my excitement, even posting my favourite scene to instagram so that everyone could enjoy it. This romance is the best I have seen in a very long time.

So, these are my 10 thoughts on the fourth episode of ITV’s Victoria: A Clockwork Prince.

1. Not the best of starts.

I am not sure which quote to choose. Between “You play the piano with far few mistakes” to “I find the gold braid rather heavy” Albert is not the most traditionally charming of men. But his silly little remarks do make me laugh. He and Victoria are so different, that it seems at the start of the episode that they truly are not suited. Albert is all seriousness and work, whereas Victoria is all laughter and pleasure. It seemed that their romance would never truly get going.

2. Lohlein and Penge.

I think Lohlein sticking his tongue out at Mr Francatelli’s porridge is one of my favourite things that has happened in this series. It is such a culture clash. Much like with Victoria and Albert, the Queen's servants enjoy a drink and bit of pleasure, whereas Lohlein seems so austere and emotionless. Although I love the character, there is nothing quite as satisfying as Penge laying his German skills down. It seems ironic, due to his dislike of Germans, that he would know the language. But maybe there is a reason for his prejudice. I look forward to finding out.

3. Skerrett is no thief.

We learnt much more about Skerrett in this episode. However there are so many unanswered questions that I need to be answered. Why did she take on another name? Who is the woman with the child? Were they together at the nunnery? How did she get from the nunnery to Buckingham Palace. It seems that this character is shrouded in mystery. But, it is safe to say that her conscious is more well defined. I knew she was not going to keep the pin and when she slipped it back into the box, I sighed with relief. I hope in the next few episodes we learn more about Skerrett and see her more with Mr Francatelli.

4. Ernest the wingman.

Everyone needs a wingman like Ernest. From the obvious: “Albert is worth ten of me” to the more subtle: the Schubert duet, Ernest is willing to put Albert before himself. Even when Albert is ready to leave, Ernest tries to convince him otherwise. And when Ernest and Melbourne worked together to convince Albert of Victoria’s worth, I almost cried. Someone tell me where I can find a wingman like that!

5. Love comes in three beats.

The waltz was iconic. From the removal of his cloves, to the gentle dancing, to cutting open of his shirt. Hang on, one of those doesn’t quite fit in. I think I would be very alarmed to find out that my dancing partner had a knife in his boot. But, nonetheless, this scene seemed so intimate that I felt almost uncomfortable watching it, almost. The height difference is so obvious, with Ablert hunching over her tentatively. For the first time, he shows his romantic side. It went from 1 to 100 pretty quickly and I loved it.

6. Windsor on a wednesday.

Victoria is not subtle in her flirting. Albert said he likes trees, Victoria takes the whole royal household to Windsor. I think it would be nice to be able to flirt on such a grand scale. The scene with the hat had me drooling. “You are just right.” Uh, swoon. He seems to be the most devoted of partners. Perhaps because he can not flirt on such grand levels, he works harder to be passionate. You would not see me complaining.

7. Albert talking back.

Now this was a scene that I truly enjoyed. It seems the Queen surrounds herself with people who see her as superior and would never dream to talk down to her. It is refreshing to see Albert arguing with her, being on the same level as her, maybe even looking down on her. She is shocked and offended at the time. But I think on later reflection, she realises that she in fact realised that she wanted someone who would tell her the truth, even if it hurt. Also, I need a class on one liners from Albert, because “No, that is Lord Melbourne’s job.” is one of the sassiest responses I have ever heard.

8. Advice from Leopold.

It seems that Lord M’s rejection wounded the Queen’s self esteem. And with Albert’s disposition, it is no wonder that she was not sure if he would accept her. But Leopold is there to offer her some sound and steady advice. He does not assure her that he will say yes, but instead, says that if he does, she will know that it is from his heart. I think it is important that Leopold did not speak about advantage nor money, just feelings. Because that is what you need when you are making a big life decision.

9. Melbourne on his way out.

I am already mourning the loss of Lord Melbourne. I know that he will have to depart so that Albert can be Victoria’s advisor, but it is so painful to watch. Rufus Sewell is such a talented actor that I am sure he would have me crying at any character. But, this one is different. He is constrained by the way things are done. I am sure if he had it his way that he and Victoria would have been wed. But he could not, he knew that he could not. His regret seems all the more painful because it was not his fault.

10. A marriage of inconvenience.

This scene was just stunning. With the candles and the flowers, my breath was taken away. Victoria’s nerves warmed my heart and reminded me of the quote “I am just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” It seemed a rather inopportune moment for Albert to learn how to tease. But I think Victoria needed that, to remind her that Albert, although serious is just as young as her and that he can joke and laugh just as she can be serious. It was incredibly sweet that he told her that it was not a marriage of convenience, because I think any woman would be weary of the man who everyone is thrusting towards you. But Albert’s love for her is truthful and I can not wait for the wedding and the honeymoon!

So those were my thoughts. I am sorry, Brocket Hall, A Clockwork Prince has just stolen your position as my favourite episode. It has been a long time since I have been so invested in a couple. I love their quirky relationship. I’m going to need some kleenexes for the next episode. Weddings always get to me.

And I shall be back to give you my thoughts on that episode soon.

Until then, tell me what you thought of this episode and what you are looking forward to seeing.

Stay peachy,

Paige x

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