10 Thoughts on Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5: Eastwatch


So I have been super sick over the last week or so and although I wasn’t feeling much better, I still woke up at 9 AM to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Because it is not a TV show, it is a way of life.

So here are my thoughts on the fifth episode in the series: Eastwatch.

1. Jamie is alive and Bronn is being sassy.

Now I wasn’t expecting that. I thought Jamie was a goner, but it seems that he is still kicking. Bronn, I have discovered, is one of my favourite characters. He has the guts to talk back to anyone. I respect him for telling Jamie that if it is between him and dragons, he’s going with dragons. He is like many of the great men, in that he is only out for himself. He does not have allegiances, apart from his allegiance to Bronn having money and a pretty wife. Bronn, keep it up. You’re doing great, sweetie.

2. Mother of all ultimatums.

We had “winter is coming” and then we had “you know nothing” but I think the catchphrase of this episode is “bend the knee, or die.” I will admit, Daenerys is transparent in her wants and desires. No one can say that she is fickle and part of me did enjoy watching the Tarlys burn. But, she is brutal to say the least and I am unsure if Tyrion will be able to reign her in.

3. Jorah is back, Jorah is gone.

The joy on Daenerys’ face when Jorah returned was a delight. I honestly believed that the affection was one sided, but it seems that I was proven wrong. It seems that he is both jealous of Jon, for the apparent favour he has with Daenerys, but also ready to fight for him, wanting to impress and serve his Queen. It seems slightly anticlimactic, to have him come back so that he can leave again. But as he says: he found a cure so that he might serve her and I am left wondering if Jorah is ever going to get the love that he deserves.

4. Jon must leave.

It was time for Jon and Daenerys to part ways, but I daresay that they will meet again. It seems that Daenerys has developed feelings for Jon that I do not think she can fully understand. She is obviously intrigued as to why he can touch her dragons. But also, I do not think that she will let up on the whole “him being dead” thing. I wonder if things will change when she finds out who he really is? Or whether a pure bloodline will be appealing to Daenerys. Because, of course, usual incest laws do not apply in the GoT universe.

The scene between Varys and Tyrion was an important one, I feel. Not only because we saw more Varys, which is always good, but because he finally opened up about his time serving the mad king and the classic line about the scroll, I do love the old school Varys. Some strange part of me thinks that he could end up in a very powerful position, maybe on the iron throne. Because he is one of the only ones who is not outwardly trying to obtain it, I think he might just get it. I’m not sure though, time will only tell.

5. A brother’s reunion.

Once again, without Bronn, a plan wouldn’t have come to fruition. It seems strange, having Jamie and Tyrion in the same scene together after so long apart. Jamie’s reaction did not surprise me, but I still cannot quite get a read of his opinion about the war and his feelings towards Cersei, it all seems a little muddy. I also cannot quite place Cersei’s opinion of Tyrion. Now that she knows that he did not kill Joffrey, it seems that his only crime was killing their Father, which he had to do for his own safety. He is a brave man, going into King’s Landing, knowing he could get captured. The plan to bring a white walker to the Queens is a clever one and I daresay it will work.

6. Gendry is back, baby!

I loved Gendry, his storyline was so promising and I am so glad that they have brought him back. It seems that with Gendry and Gilly, George RR Martin is a fan of Skins actors and I can’t say I blame him. Sir Davos said what we were all thinking: “I thought you might still be rowing.” And Gendry’s willingness to leave at a drop of a hat was rather entertaining, but when thinking about it, really sad. The fact that he was waiting for something to happen, so that he would not have to provide armour for the family who killed his Father is a sad fate and I can only be glad that he is not there anymore.

I think that Gendry and Jon will be good friends. Sir Davos seems to be the worst man around when it comes to introductions, but I think it was right for Gendry to tell Jon who he was from the start. I daresay that they almost seem like a younger version of their Fathers (at least on Gendry’s side) and I would most certainly trust Gendry with his hammer with my life over many a man with a sword.

7. Cersei is pregnant?

Now I am not sure about this storyline. I have heard conspiracies that she is lying to Jamie, to keep him on her side after meeting with Tyrion and I think that that would be more interesting than if she actually was pregnant. I do not think that her child would be born, or last long if it was, if she is actually pregnant. It is a whole new perspective for GoT, that Cersei and Jamie are going public. I do not think that that will go down well. We are talking about the citizens who throw shit at her naked body as they cried “shame.” Whatever is going on, if she lays a finger on Bronn, she better square up, because I’ll have something to say.

8. Petyr is still playing the game.

It has felt, as of late, that Petyr has very much been out of the game. But he is back with an eery vengeance. The note that was written by Cersei in Sansa’s name that Arya found was planted by Petyr. This seems the best suggestion based on his sinister smile after she flees. Obviously Sansa is gaining support in the North and Petyr sees that and wants to latch on, but Arya is a problem. It seems that the Stark reunion was not the happy one that everyone expected. I see either Petyr or Arya leaving the show in one way or another in this season. They cannot both be in Winterfell, they hate each other too much. Here is an unpopular opinion: I hope that Arya leaves. I can’t help it, Petyr is just so clever and conniving.

9. This is why you should listen to your woman!

Sam, Sam, Sam. Could you have not waited a minute later to have your little breakdown? Gilly has just revealed potentially the biggest plot twist in the whole of Game of Thrones and you’ve just ignored her? Really?! Surely, at some point, she has to remind him of the annulment, or he has to realise what she has said. Jon is a bonafide, verified Targaryen, but until we piece Bran’s information with Gilly’s we can’t know this for sure. But that is what seems to be happening. So now, Sam is travelling to god knows where, not knowing that he is the only Tarly left, leaving Jim Broadbent behind, Jim! And he has just ignored the biggest reveal in GoT history. Way to go, Sam. But I cannot wait to see more of you, if I’m being honest. So please, more Sam and can we age up Gilly’s child a little! C’mon.

10. Heading beyond the wall, again.

I am going to hit you with yet another unpopular opinion: I don’t like the storylines that take place beyond the wall. I am far more interested in the conflicts of Westeros than the undead. This is potentially one of the longest drawn out plot lines of all time. We started the first episode of the first series with the white walkers and it would not surprise me if we ended the last episode of the last series with a bloody white walker! Let’s just move the war of the undead along a bit, that is all I am asking. We humans have a chance now, with all of our dragon glass and with Gendry and Tormund on our side, I fancy our chances (although, I am still holding out for a Brienne/Tormund plotline). I still don’t fully understand why the white walkers only come from the beyond the wall and I don’t understand what their motive is or what they want. But I hope that we learn more about them in the episodes to come.

So those were my thoughts on the fifth episode of Game of Thrones. It seems strange that there are only two episodes left, but overall, this season has been very entertaining and I am rooting for Sansa, Sam, Gilly, Varys and all of the other characters who are not the “main” characters.

Tell me, what did you think of this episode? And who do you think will end up on the iron throne?

Until next time,
Stay peachy,

Paige x

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