10 Thoughts on Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4: The Spoils of War

So this episode was mired in controversy, with spoilers being leaked, and then the actual episode being leaked, it was all a bit of a nightmare. I, for one, am not a massive fan of spoilers, so I have tried to stay away from all GoT news in the past week. But my family and I did manage to watch this week’s episode in the morning, rather than its usual slot at 9PM in the UK.

So here are my thoughts on the fourth episode of the new season of Game of Thrones.

1. Bronn questioning Cersei’s rule.

So we saw an awful lot more of Bronn in this episode. As one of my favourite characters, this pleased me. I enjoy how he keeps on at Jamie for his castle and his pretty wife. If I had been serving him for as long as he has I think I would want what I was promised too. He is not afraid to say what’s on his mind and he has made it very clear that he is not a supporter of Cersei. This doesn’t seem to work, as he is fighting for Cersei’s army, but I think that he fights for Jamie, not for the Queen.

2. Petyr playing daddy.

You know I love Petyr, he is one of my favourite characters and his conversation with Bran was heartwarming. I am sure that he has ulterior motives with the three eyed raven, but hearing him speak about Catlyn and his love for her was sweet. You know that I enjoy the romance between Petyr and Sansa, but we cannot disregard his love for her Mother, because it is one of the forces that drives him to stay in Winterfell. It still seems like a strange gift though, the dagger that was used to try and kill you.

3. Bran being harsh as anything.

So we saw the leave of Meera in this episode. She helped Bran get back to the wall and then back to Winterfell. She watched her Brother die for him, but by the way Bran reacted to her leaving, you would have thought he was thanking her for helping him cross the road. This new, three eyed raven Bran is tricky to work out. I am not sure if I like him or not, but it is certain that he is not the same boy as he was in season 6.

4. Arya is home!

I have been waiting for this reunion for ages. Sansa and Arya work so well together and I missed their relationship while they were apart. It seems that Sansa was hesitant to begin with, which I can fully understand. But once she realised that it was Arya, then she opened up a little. I wonder if they will talk about their journeys to Winterfell and whether we will be able to witness that. I also wonder how Sansa is going to react to Arya’s changing faces. She didn’t seem all that keen on the list, so I doubt she will be too happy.

5. Trying to make the Queen see.

I was convinced that the cave paintings were going to convince Daenerys to help Jon with the war in the North, but it seems it only half worked. She seemed convinced about the white walkers, but she is still insistent on him bending the knee. I don’t think that they will ever quite see eye to eye as long as she is demanding that Jon pledge loyalty to her. I don’t honestly think that will ever happen. I wonder how long Jon is going to stay at Dragonstone. With the arrival of Theon, not very long I presume. I could definitely see him nicking Theon’s boat and getting him and Sir Davos as far away from Daenerys as possible.

6. Arya the Badass.

It seems that through her time with the faceless and with the Hound (side note: where has he gone?) that Arya has picked up some pretty handy skills. She seems to be able to challenge Brienne. I love Brienne and Podrick, especially now that he has grown some stubble. Brienne can bask in her success of bringing the Stark children back together, even if she thinks she had no part in it. Sansa doesn’t seem all too keen of Arya being a good fighter. I see some jealousy looming for the eldest Stark, with Bran having his visions and Arya being able to change faces and fight like no other, a little envy seems understandable for the acting Queen of the North.

7. First the Dothraki, then a dragon.

This scene was iconic. With Dickon, which I couldn’t help laughing at and then the terror on Bronn and Jamie’s faces when they heard the Dothraki coming and then the pure shock when they saw the dragon. It was all far more brutal than I had imagined. This is the first time that the dragons have been used as war machines and it seemed to be pretty effective. But there seems something so barbaric about it that it doesn’t fully sit right with me.

8. No better.

The mass destruction that Daenerys caused, with her dragon and with the Dothraki, her character has completely changed. She has gone from the breaker of chains, to the killer of men and in one ten minute scene, she has fallen from my favour, making me think that she is a far less sympathetic character. The lines are not so clearly drawn now. It is not good versus evil in Daenerys and Cersei. It seems that we must pick the side that will be less destructive and now I just don’t know. I believe that Tyrion will no longer want to serve as hand of the Queen. The look on his face suggested that he had lost hope in Daenerys and I would not be surprised if we see Tyrion in a different situation in the episodes to come.

9. Bronn the brave.

We really did have more Bronn in this episode. I truly thought that he might die at one point or another and the jury is still out as to whether he has. Watching him run through the battlefield, being chased by a Dothraki warrior seemed rather heroic and amidst the chaos and destruction, I cannot help but wonder who’s side I should be on. I felt a relief when the arrow hit Daenerys’ dragon and part of me wished that Jamie had killed her in the final scene. I find this dramatic shift of loyalty hard to process.

10. Jamie drowning.

I partially agree with Tyrion on this. Jamie is a “fucking idiot” for trying to take down Daenerys when her dragon was right next to her. But I can see his thinking. He wanted to end this all and he is a knight, he longs for valiant kills and this seemed the most valiant of all. It was a rollercoaster of emotions, the final scene. I went from “Oh, Daenerys is going to die” to “Oh no! Jamie has been killed by fire” to “Yass Bronn, saying your best mate” to “Oh shit, he is just going to lay there?” It wouldn’t shock me if Jamie was killed off, George isn’t exactly shy of that. But I do wonder what repercussions this death will have on the show. How will Cersei react? How many will she kill? Will she marry Euron? There are so many questions that need to be answered.

I am left feeling confused after this episode. It was thoroughly enjoyable, but I find my loyalties shifting dramatically. Before this episode, I was very pro-Daenerys. But now, I feel as if I am almost the opposite. I have always been a fan of the theory that a minor character will end up on the iron throne and I still have my hopes for Sansa. But I can see Petyr or Varys or even Gendry, when he comes out of the works sitting on the iron throne. I am convinced that it cannot be Daenerys, Jon or Cersei and half of my mind feels that there will be no throne left to claim. But who knows what will follow.

Tell me, what were your thoughts on this episode, and where do your loyalties lay?

Until next week,

Stay peachy,

Paige x

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