10 Thoughts on Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1: Dragonstone


So I have finally managed to watch the first episode of the seventh series of Game of Thrones. After the sub par performance (in my opinion) of the majority of episodes in the last series, I was sceptical. But I must admit that the first episode of the new series reminded me of the action of the third and fourth seasons. Here are my ten thoughts on the first episode of the seventh season of Game of Thrones.

1. The Freys are the prey.

I was confused when Walder Frey appeared on the screen at the beginning of this episode. Most remember that new rogue assassin, Arya killed him in the final episode of the sixth season. After I realised that all of the Freys were in attendance, I prepared myself for Red Wedding 2.0. Arya is not here to play around and I think it was a wise move to kill off the Freys. They might not be the most influential family in the seven kingdoms, but their death sends a clear message to the Lannisters and the other families of Westeros: the North remembers.

2. Jon the Feminist.

Although Westeros and the seven kingdoms are fictitious places, many elements of the GoT universe reflects medieval times. So the enlistment of all men and women over the age of ten  came as a shock. Of course, many of the men disagree with Jon’s want for women and girls to fight. But it is simple: Jon needs the numbers, and Brienne has shown that women make fine fighters. I think it was a wise decision and I definitely appreciated Lyanna Mormont’s speech. Girl Power!

3. Sansa has become her own woman.

It seems strange that one minute Jon is saying that all women should fight, just as men; and then the next minute he is scolding Sansa for speaking her mind. Her point about the houses was valid and no doubt shared by many of the people in the room. It seems a man who fears being undermined is a man who is unsure of his power to begin with. Sansa has learnt to speak her mind and strategize as well as any man. She is a powerful woman within her own right and I am not completely sure that her claim to the throne of the North is forgotten. Her supposed admiration of Cersei shows how she has become a realistic woman, knowing that she will have to kill to become safe.

4. Everyone is a traitor to the Lannisters.

Aesthetically speaking, I adored the scene in the map room. The mention of Highgarden, or lack thereof, spoke masses and Cersei appears to be truly upset about the deaths of her children, especially Tomen, whatever she might say. Jamie appears to be far more realistic about the position of the Lannisters. He admits that they appear to be the losing side and the fact that Cersei has killed a friend of everyone, she has proved to be less than popular with the public. The idea of the marriage of Euron Greyjoy to Cersei seemed unrealistic at best. I doubt that Cersei shall ever marry again. But we can all admit that that was definitely the worst way to be dumped, sorry Jamie. I am unsure what this “priceless gift” is, but I am sure that it has something to do with Daenerys.

5. Sam the apprentice.

I think it’s safe to say that the montage of Sam’s job has to be the funniest scene in Game of Thrones history. It kills me that he has to do all of those awful jobs, not even to become a Maester. I loved Jim Broadbent’s character. For a moment, I was optimistic that he might let Sam see the books, because he believes him. But his blind optimism of life forever continuing throughout all of the terror of the whitewalkers appears naive to me. I think Sam was wise to take the books, but I think he can say goodbye to his chances of ever becoming a Maester.

6. Sansa is learning from the best.

It seems that Sansa has learnt from the best word smith in Westeros. Also, it seems that Petyr is uncomfortable with the student becoming the Master. It appears that he cannot win a conversation with Sansa anymore. If you know me, you know that I have written a 55,000 word fanfic about Sansa and Petyr, I ship them hard. I adore the power dynamic that is going on and I’m glad that Sansa realises what Petyr wants from her and that he appears to care about her happiness. I believe that Sansa is going to have the upper hand in their relationship, and I can not wait to see it. Bravo, Sophie Turner, Sansa is becoming one of the strongest characters in the program.

7. Ed in GoT.

Ed Sheeran appears to be one the biggest names in the world at the moment, just behind Donald Trump. His singing seemed to go perfect with the show, singing bards. Although he only had two or so lines, it was nice to see a famous face in the show, especially someone who appeared to fit the show so well. It would be nice to see Ed again, although I doubt with his busy schedule that we will.

8. Convert Clegane.

I love Clegane. His constant stream of insults is the level of sass I wish to achieve one day. His cynicism around the fire religion spoke to me on a deep level, not being religious myself. However, it seems even Clegane can be touched by the fire god. I don’t know know if he is special, thus seeing the vision  of the white walkers, or perhaps that is the vision that the fire god is showing everyone. One way or another, I think that the fire god shall play a massive role in this series.

8. Jorah and Sam.

I screamed when Jorah’s hand flew out in front of Sam, but sighed with relief when I realised who it was. I hope that Sam shall venture to Dragonstone to find the dragon glass and tell Daenerys of Jorah’s being at the Citadel. I had hoped that he would have a more exciting journey, but I also hope that he is receiving the best treatment.

10. Daenerys in the west.

Although we didn’t see much of Daenerys, I adored the dramatic feel of both scenes both leading up to Dragonstone and entering the castle and the avoidance of the throne, which was an unexpected but interesting choice. I loved seeing Tyrion, Varys, Missandei and Grey Worm. I think they are a strong team and I hope and expect that we shall see much more of the group working together, also the introduction of Dornish allegiance to Daenerys and what challenges they can bring against the Lannisters.

So this was an impressive start to a hopefully engaging season of Game of Thrones. I feel that the writers and producers of the show have cut down on the number of storylines covered in each episode. This made the plot easier to follow. I hope that the rest of the season follows this trend and that the white walkers and the fight for the throne will run together smoothly.
I shall be back to give my thoughts on the second episode of the new season.

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Until then, let me know what you think of the new season of Game of Thrones.
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