Moving Back To University - 20 Things I Love About Uni Life

Like many first year university students, Christmas has been the first time I have been home for an extended period since I moved away. I live five hours away from my family, so regular visits are not reasonable.
Christmas has been amazing and spending time with my family is so special to me. Now I am faced with the elephant in the room: moving back to university.
I am slightly ashamed to say that I allow my parents to do most of the “adulting” at home. They cook, wash the dishes, do the laundry, not because I don’t want to (not totally) but because it is their routine and they are more than happy to accommodate me.
But I don’t live at home anymore, I live on my own (in a flat with four other people). I have to do the washing up, the laundry, the food shopping, personal banking, all of the “adult” things that I have left to my parents for the last three weeks.
I can’t help feeling that leaving this time will be a bit like moving out again. I have lived at home for the best part of a month and now I am leaving, not sure when I will be coming back for more than a weekend before easter.
It is real now. The whole idea that I am an adult and I have to look after myself. I’m already thinking about accommodation for next year, jobs, exercise classes, dentist appointments, the list goes on. So, I am now going to compile a list of things I love about university to make moving back seem less scary:
  1. My friends in london, in all their glory!
  2. My own bed. 
  3. My lecturers.
  4. My city.
  5. The fact I can have the meal I want every night.
  6. Late night chats with my flatmates.
  7. Cheaply priced drinks in the student union bar.
  8. My beautiful view.
  9. My matchbox dorm room that is MY space.
  10. My course and the opportunities it is giving me.
  11. Cooking.
  12. Playing and writing music. (I wasn’t able to take my guitar home with me)
  13. The amazing nights out.
  14. The cuddly nights in.
  15. My routine.
  16. My new coffee machine.
  17. No curfew.
  18. Cuddling in a single bed.
  19. Warm powerful showers.
  20. Being able to miss my family and looking forward to coming home to them.
I adore university life and I know that this fear will fade once I am back. I hope I am not alone in this feeling of both anticipation and fear. If you feel the same way, please make a list of your own and send them to me via Instagram @peachpaaige Twitter @peachypaaige or Tumblr @peach-space-princess.

Stay peachy,
Paige x

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