10 Thoughts on Victoria: Episode 3 - Brocket Hall

Spoiler Alert!!

This episode of the ITV series was my favourite thus far. It was so good, that I was talking to myself; and it takes a truly awesome show to do that. The introduction of Leopold and the Coburg Princes, along with all of the other action thrilled me.

So, these are my ten thoughts on the third episode: Brocket Hall.

1. Chartists are on the rise.

This episode brought with it the first public uprising against the institution. I think it is interesting how the opinion of the Chartists differs amongst the royal household. With many seeing them as hooligans, but the Queen stating: “They looked hungry to me.” This understanding of the less fortunate way of life is an admirable quality of the Queen and I believe it to be one of her greatest virtues. Her mercy with the Chartists was admirable. I believe it did wonders for her public image and I am sure the Mrs Jenkin’s nephew shall be glad for her mercy, in Australia.

2. Leopold Talking.

This introduction was definitely one of the best of this season. Expertly played by Alex Jennings, I adored this character from the offset. He is a chatterbox, just like me. It seems in every scene, he was chatting to someone about something or other. First with Victoria, about marrying and starting a family (which I tend to agree with him on) to talking with Lord Melbourne about his situation with the Queen, to warning his Sister of her unrequited love for Sir John. It seems to me that the advice he gives is coming from a good place. He wants Victoria’s reign to last and he wants his Sister to be happy. I do not even believe that he dislikes Lord Melbourne. He is a man who is trying to gain as much as he can, but also trying to improve the happiness of the people in his life, one chit chat at a time.

3. Talks of Albert.

Even in the beginning of the episode, Albert was being mentioned. I have been looking forward to Albert’s arrival in the show for quite some time. I cringed every time that he was mentioned as a possible match for Victoria, because it seemed so forced and caused for her to cower away from him even more. I can not imagine being in his place, knowing that your main reason for your visit is to win the heart of the Queen, I think it puts quite a lot of pressure on the both of them. I do find Victoria’s protestations rather amusing, though. Because I know that at some point, her opinion will have to change most drastically.

4. Mrs Jenkins, Mis Skerrett. Miss Skerrett, Mr Francatelli.

I am loving the budding friendship between Miss Skerrett and Mrs Jenkins. It seemed that taking the blame with the gloves went a long way with Mrs Jenkins. I adored the scene on the stairs, with Mrs Jenkins confiding in Miss Skerrett. If it were not for Miss Skerrett speaking out to the Queen, then the Chartists might have ending up hung, drawn and quartered. She has a lot of power, as the Queen’s dresser.

As for Mr Francatelli, I feel I am warming more and more to him every episode. I do genuinely believe that he wishes to be friends with Miss Skerrett, if not more. But I do not believe that he would go about it in a dishonourable way. We learnt more about Miss Skerrett’s past in this episode and her transition from the laundry girl at the nunnery, to the Queen’s dresser intrigues me. I hope that we find out more about her journey. I also hope that she learns to trust Mr Francatelli.

5. The Queen speaking of feelings.

My heart yearned for this scene. It is so hard, admitting your feelings to someone, especially someone who you must remain civil with after. I believe that Victoria chose her words very well, explaining how her affections for Lord Melbourne transitioned from a paternal love, to a romantic love. I commend the writers for this scene. It had me holding my breath, awaiting Lord Melbourne’s response.

6. “When you give your heart, it shall be without reservation. But you cannot give it to me.”

I felt the need to cry at this response. I could not decide who it was more painful for. Lord Melbourne loves her, there is no doubt of that. But he knows, we all know, that they cannot be together, despite whatever feelings they have for one another. Using his wife as his alibi was convincing and clever. But still, it did not hurt any less when the Queen turned away, with tears running down her cheeks.

7. Looking back to old Queens.

I will admit that the Queen is tenacious, if not anything else. Even after her rejection from Lord Melbourne, she is determined to keep his heart, by living as Queen Elizabeth did: unmarried with companions. Her love for Melbourne is strong, but I feel that his love has just as much strength, if not more. He knows that living a lonely life would not bring her happiness, and he wants her to be happy. So he encourages her to marry, not necessarily Prince Albert, but whomever she chooses. He gives her up, so she can be happy and that is the ultimate sacrifice.

8. Sir John is gone.

I’m sorry for the rhyme, but I just couldn’t help it. I have mixed feelings about Sir John after this episode. My gut instinct is to think him an awful man, who has left the woman who loves him for a title and money. But when I thought about it deeper, I gained a greater understanding of Sir John. He understands that he cannot control Victoria and staying and attempting to do so would cause harm for everyone involved. He also knows that if he leaves that Victoria will rekindle with her Mother and they shall have a stronger relationship. And finally, I believe him when he says that he does not want to leave the Duchess. If you are a controller and your subject refuses to be controlled, you are no longer needed. I think I shall have to ponder this subject a little more to come to a decision. But, despite my understanding of him, I am glad to see him go.

9. V&A

Now this scene did make me chuckle. Of course everyone thinks of Victoria and Albert when they think of V&A but having it as Victoria and Alexandre is very clever. I love this character so much. His obvious favour for the Queen and his not so subtle flirting. As Victoria says, it is nice to have someone around who understands her position. It was truly sad, hearing that Alexandre’s Father had picked his bride for him, and it didn’t help that he didn’t know her name. With Alexandre being married off and Albert being thrown at Victoria, I am wondering if it was worse being a man or woman in the royal family. It seems no matter your sex, you are thrown at whoever has the most advantageous prospects. It seems a very sad life, especially in the case of Alexandre, who I will miss.

10. Here come the Princes.

Now I could go on for days, fangirling over Tom Hughes. But I shall say only one thing: it takes a truly beautiful man to pull off a moustache. He is stiff and awkward, yet so handsome in his uniform. Excited is not a strong enough word to describe how I am feeling towards this character, and his brother, and how the romance between him and Victoria shall blossom. If you listen hard enough in the next few days, you might hear me screaming with excitement.

So those were my thoughts on the third episode of the ITV series. I have fallen head over heels for the characters, the casting, the costume, the writing. I just cannot get enough.

I shall be back to tell you my thoughts on the fourth episode of Victoria: A Clockwork Prince.

Until then, tell me your thoughts on the series thus far and which is your favourite episode of Victoria.

Stay peachy,

Paige x

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