10 Thoughts on Victoria: Episode 2 - Ladies in Waiting

I could not wait to watch the next episode of ITV’s Victoria. I find myself taken with the characters, the costume design, the screen writing. It is all so pleasing to watch.

Here are my 10 thoughts on episode 2: Ladies in Waiting.

1. “Her wits are fragile”

We saw much more screen time for Lord Cumberland and Sir John. Talks of the regency gained validity through the speculation that the Queen was not of sound mind. If she were not have had a grandfather with the same affliction, it might have been harder to believe. But with her family history and the unfortunate series of events, with Melbourne’s resignation and the rat infestation, it seems that Sir John and Lord Cumberland had themselves convinced that she was ill of mind. Were it not for Wellington, the conversation might have continued. But it was enjoyable to get to know the villains in this series. To know what Victoria is up against.

2. Too small for the crown.

It seems no matter how hard Victoria tries, the people around her still seek to undermine her and belittle her. Even her Mother states that her head is too small for the crown. I believe that it shall be a recurring theme in the series, an issue that the Queen will have to deal with time and time again. As she puts it: “it is a war.”

3. Let there be rats.

That was all that Lezhen needed: rats. It seems that favour has never been more of Mr Penge’s side. As well as making a bit of money out of it, he has won in regards to his beeswax candles. It seems that Mr Penge is rather intolerant of anything new. He hates the Germans, he hates the gaslighting, because it is too modern and “disrupts the natural order.” It seems some things never change.

4. Skerrett on the run.

In this episode, we learn more about the staff of Buckingham Palace. Miss Skerrett has become a character of great interest for me. It seems that her background is not quite as spotless as we were first led to believe. Her past relationship with Mr Francatelli has not been disclosed, but their flirtatious most certainly excites me. I hope that he will not blackmail her with her past to get what he wants. But I have a feeling that he won't. I have a soft spot for the palace chef.

5. Melbourne out.

Well this came as quite a shock. We learnt the true extent of the Queen’s feelings for Lord Melbourne in this episode. She risks defacing herself by going to his house alone and refuses the rightful order of things, just to keep him. We see more fire in the otherwise docile Lord Melbourne in this episode. It is the first time that we see him truly disagree with the Queen and vocalise his feelings. He is angry with her and I think it is important to show that side of a friendship, and also to show the differing age with the difference of opinion.

6. Sir John is still trying it.

It seems that no moment can pass without Jon trying to rule Victoria. Whether it is with emotional blackmail, or the threat of a regency, Conroy is power thirsty to no end. In this episode, he and Victoria’s Mother argue for the first time and it seems that their different aspirations are highlighted, showing that John wants only power.

7. Stubborn Victoria.

It is obvious that the Queen is in love with Lord Melbourne and I am sure that it shall end in tears. She is so head strong and stubborn, to the point that she has damaged the public opinion of her just to keep Lord Melbourne around. I respect Lord M for trying to cool off the relationship, for trying to distance himself from her. But it seems that she will resist all other advice until he returns. I just know that this is all going to end in tears, for both of them. The sooner Albert comes along, the better.

8. Peele.

I am very fond of this character, and it is not just because I share a surname with the actor. He is the level headed politician who cares nothing for flirting and persuading the Queen. I respect him for his stubbornness, that to match the Queen’s. No doubt that they shall come to respect each other in the end, being both so similar, yet different in their temperaments.

9. Using Shakespeare.

This scene hurt. I studied King Lear and that line is so bitter and cruel that I could never imagine it being used in real life. It seems that the Duchess of Kent has been polluted by John Conroy to conspire against her child. I understand that Victoria is being stubborn, but years of abuse will do that to you. Laughing at her for being short? Looking to Conroy when she should have been looking to her daughter? I find it ironic that she says that she does not want to hurt her daughter, when she is hurting her more than anyone.

10. She cannot do it alone.

It seems, for the time being, that Victoria cannot do her duty without the aid of Lord Melbourne. I think it is a combination of inexperience and love that makes that so. But it is noted at the end of the episode, that Lord Melbourne’s days are numbered, not just as Prime Minister, but also as the adviser to the Queen. Marriage appears to be coming into play and Melbourne will not be able to stay in Victoria’s favour once a certain German comes along. So I am looking forward to seeing how Both Victoria and Melbourne deal with the arrival of Victoria’s cousins.

I am flying through this series. I cannot keep myself away. I already have the next episode downloaded.

I shall be back to give you my thoughts on the third episode: Brocket Hall.

Until then, tell me what you thought of this episode and the series so far?

Stay peachy,

Paige x

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