10 Thoughts on Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3: The Queen’s Revenge

Spolier Alert!!

I managed to get up before midday today to watch the newest episode of Game of Thrones and with my nocturnal sleeping pattern, that is is quite impressive. This episode had me and my family laughing, screaming, crying and all the like.

So here are my thoughts on the third episode of the new series.

1. He is Jon Snow.

This episode saw Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen finally meet. Having to hand over their weapons was the first red flag and then the Dothraki taking the ship seemed to be the second. But by that point it seemed that there was very little that Jon Snow could do.

The introduction scene had my family and I in stitches. The long, potentially drawn out introduction of Daenerys shows that she is high born and thinks very highly of herself. Whereas Davos’ introduction “He is Jon Snow” seemed so befitting of the modest nature of the north.

It did not begin well for the two. It seems that they shall never agree on who should be the King of where. But it does shock me that Jon is not a bit more receptive to the idea, because I always thought that he did not like being King, so Warden would do him just fine it seems I am mistaken.

2. Goodbye Melisandre.

My conflict between Sir Davos and Melisandre was averted with her sudden departure. Her scene with Varys brings with it so many questions that I need answered. Why must she die in Westeros? Why must Varys die in Westeros? What makes them so similar? How will she die if she always has her little necklace on? I hope that these questions are answered soon enough so I can learn more about both Melisandre and Varys.

3. Greyjoys all round.

So Theon has finally been hooked out of the sea. It seems his time with Ramsey really did have an effect on him. But still, he felt the need to lie to his saviours and say that he tried to help his sister. But, of course, they saw right through him. I wonder what will happen to Theon now, if he will be killed for cowardice, or if he will try to get the King’s Landing to save his sister. Based on his actions thus far, I’m betting on the first.

And then we have Euron. I am not quite sure what to make of his character. I love him, but I hate him, and part of me thinks I love to hate him. He is so English in the way that he talks, with such crackers as “What a twat!” and “Finger in the bum?” You can’t help but laugh at his lack of tact and decorum. It makes me a little sad that he honestly thinks that Cersei will marry him. It seems that she has put it off until after the war, where either she’ll be dead or he’ll be dead, or they’ll both be dead. Clever, once again, from the Queen.

4. Have a kiss from me.

So, Cersei finally got hold of Ellaria Sand and her daughter. For the first time this season, I actually agree with something that Cersei has done. Of course, her method is gruesome and barbaric, but I believe that Ellaria deserves to die. She killed without thought and had no empathy for others. Of course, neither did Cersei, but Ellaria is one more mean bitch off of the show.

5. Dragons and dragonglass.

It is comforting to know that Tyrion believes Jon Snow. I think it will take a while for Daenerys to come around, but she will, eventually, I am sure. I am glad that Jon is going to get his Dragon glass and that he will be able to make weapons. It seems that he is the only one looking at the bigger picture, that it does not matter who sits on the iron throne if everyone is dead. Until Daenerys takes her head from under the sand of being Queen, she will never be able to truly understand the magnitude of the white walker issue. I also don’t think that she is going to let up on the dagger in the heart issue and that will be a true shock to her, to have spoken with a dead man walking.

6. Sansa ruling and Petyr counseling.

Any scene with these two characters together is one that I cherish. I have even written a 55,000 word fanfiction about them, which you can find here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12022757/1/Little-Wolf
It seems that Sansa is a wise ruler and knows more about the politics of ruling than Jon. He is brave and loyal, but Sansa is smart and tactical. I think she knows her people in a way that Jon does not and looks at practical issues like food and armour, which we have not seen Jon do. I like that Petyr now sees Sansa as a player in the game, rather than a pawn. He is instructing her as if he was her advisor. I think he is slowly realising that his best bet at getting power is to stick with Sansa and help her to get power.

7. Bran, the three eyed raven.

I was glad that Bran was reunited with his sister in this episode, especially seen as everyone thought he was dead. I became very bored with his plot north of the wall. But I believe that being south of the wall in Winterfell shall inject some life into his plot. I wonder how Jon shall respond to Bran’s abilities and the information he has received whilst warging.

8. Jorah a free man, Sam a clever man.

I waited with baited breath as Jim Broadbent prodded Jorah with his stick. And when he pronounced him healed, I felt like crying. Jorah could finally go back to Daenerys and the handshake between him and Sam marked the beginning of a new chapter in his life.

As for Sam, it seems that his situation is not much changed. I feared that he might be thrown out of the citadel. But alas, he was praised if only for a moment, before being ordered back to his laborious work. But I do not think that life will entirely be the same for Sam after this, I think that the Maesters will look to him more for guidance, and respect him for his healing talents.

9. Impregnate the bitch.

This scene was borderline iconic. Having the voiceover on top of the fighting added an element of drama for me and kept me more engaged in a scene, that otherwise, I would have tuned out of (not being one for fighting scenes.) Peter Dinklage’s voice is so dramatic that his dialogue worked perfectly for this scene.

10. Tell Cersei, I want her to know it was me.

Although the departure of Oleanna Tyrell, along with the Tyrell household was dreadfully sad. Her last words were, for lack of a better word: iconic. I feel like the whole fanbase had were convinced that Oleanna had killed Joffrey to save Margery. However, it was only confirmed in this episode and the look on Jamie’s face was worth the wait. It is sad to see Jamie admitting that Cersei has him wrapped around her little finger. But I can’t help thinking that his heart is not fully in this war and that he would just as soon leave Cersei than fight for her.

Bonus point.

Bronn is back! I cannot tell you how loud the screams were in my house, him being one of our favourite characters. I cannot wait to see him in some scenes with Jamie and other characters.

So those were my ten thoughts on this episode of Game of Thrones. It seems rather sad that we are almost halfway through this series.

I shall be back to give you my thoughts on the fourth episode next week.

Until then, tell me, what did you think of this week’s episode? And who do you think will end up on the iron throne?

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