10 Thoughts on Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2: Stormborn


We managed to all get together early in my house, to watch the new episode of Game of Thrones. This episode gripped me just as much, if not more than last week’s episode. So here are my ten thoughts (with two extra, because I couldn’t help myself) on episode 2: Stormborn.

1. Daenerys scolding Varys.

We began this episode with a much needed conversation between Daenerys and Varys. Having sent a hitman in the first season, to kill Daenerys, his loyalty had to be discussed. One of my favourite aspects of Varys’ character is that he is out for himself. He plots against every monarch who falls off of the wagon. I think Varys’ loyalty to the people is refreshing and his brutal honesty is admirable. Daenerys will do well to have someone so honest in her council. However, I think Varys will have to be more careful with his little birds in the future if he would like to remain unscathed.

2. The return of Melisandre.

I was wondering where this character had gone. Between resurrections and burning children it seemed that this red priestess had the time to visit Daenerys to proclaim to yet another person that they are the prince that has been professed. It seems that she is a broken record, telling everyone that they are part of the prophecy. At least she learnt this time not to guarantee it, stating that “we all have a role to play”. I await the see the fate of Melisandre after the arrival of Jon Snow at Dragonstone, when the truth comes out about Stannis Baratheon and his daughter.

3. A King meets a Queen.

My Brother and I scoffed at the mention of Jon Snow “bending the knee”. With his title of King of the North, becoming a subject of a Queen seems counterproductive. I believe that there are two ways that their meeting will go. Either they will hit it off like the siblings that rumours suggest. Or, their egos will clash and they will be at each other’s throats to gain the most power. Either way, I look forward to seeing it.

4. Bite down, this is going to hurt.

We saw Jorah Mormont in all of his glory in this episode. Props to the special effects team for making his grayscale seem so, well scaly. Sam has become somewhat of a bad boy this season, stealing books and disobeying orders of his elders. If he does cure Jorah of his greyscale, I will be intrigued to see if he will be punished or praised by the Citadel.

5. The torture of dragons.

It was exciting to finally see the skulls of dragons past in this episode. Ranging from massive to miniscule, the skulls show that dragons are not invincible. However, although it might seem impressive, the glorified crossbow seems medieval and potentially ineffective. Try and get a dragon to stay still long enough to aim and fire the thing, I dare you.

6. Teamwork makes the dream work!

It is a strange sight, seeing Olenna Tyrell, the Daenerys crew and Ellaria Sand sat around a strategy table. It seems that Daenerys is being rather tactical, using all of her allies’ resources. I understand that they can’t send the unsullied and Dothraki into King’s Landing, that it has to be a Westerosi army. But still, only the Unsullied are accounted for in the plan. Are the Dothraki going to sit and braid each other’s hair whilst the Unsullied takes Casterly Rock.

7. “You are my weakness.”

This is a scene that I have been waiting for for many seasons. Missandei and Grey Worm have been destined to end up together since they first met. Although a little clunky, Grey Worm’s confession was humble and honest. We had our first nude scene of the season and I held my breath when Missandei disrobed Grey Worm. There is no way that they could have conventional, penetrative sex. But, it seems that Grey Worm will not that stop him. He is a man who seems to be focused on her pleasure. Go Grey Worm!

8. Old Friends

We saw Arya change course in this episode. The brief cameo of Hot Pie made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, knowing that Arya still has friends from her time on the way to the Knight’s Watch. Arya face when she found out that her brother and sister were in Winterfell was priceless. However, her reunion with Nymeria (or was it? That wasn’t very clear) left me feeling a little deflated. Unless Nymeria (or whoever that wolf/direwolf was) comes back into the plot, I don’t see an awful lot of point in this scene, unless it holds metaphorical meaning that is going over my head.

9. Your pushing the wrong buttons, Petyr.

If you know me, you know I love Petyr and Sansa, I ship them HARD. I have even written a 55,000 word fanfiction about them, which you can find here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12022757/1/Little-Wolf
However, the scene in the crypt, with Jon Snow was a badly planned move by Petyr. Intruding on Jon’s mourning time to ram his love of Catelyn and Sansa down his throat wasn’t the best of plans. Despite Jon’s warning, I expect that we shall receive many more scenes of Petyr and Sansa together, now that Jon is gone. I can only hope.

10. It’s getting hot in the hull.

Everyone shipped Daenerys and Yara Greyjoy. But we received a pretty steamy scene involving Yara and Ellaria at the end of the episode. I love the casual bisexuality that harks back to the times of Oberin. It was a shame that they were interrupted, however, it might be a nice last memory for them both.

11 (bonus point). First fight of the season.

So we witnessed the first battle (of sorts) this season. Euron Greyjoy wreaked havoc on the Iron Fleet. This seems rather counterproductive, because surely Cersei will not want him if he hasn’t got the fastest boats in his fleet? I await to see the outcome of Yara, Theon and Euron.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and it seems that this season is shaping up nicely. I am excited to see the outcomes of the events of this episode. I am also excited to see more of Bran’s involvement in the plot.

I shall be back to give my thoughts on the third episode of the new season.

Until then, let me know what you think of season 7 of Game of Thrones.

Stay peachy,

Paige x

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